Blogmas #2 | December Goals

Hmm ok, so I didn't do too good with my November Goals but it was stoopid list anyway!! I'm halfway through a felting project so haven't quite made anything, I downloaded the theory test app but that's as far as I got, my bloglovin' to read list is as long as ever and as for shopping less? Shall we just move on? However I did read an awful lot in November, which may explain why my other goals weren't achieved...but it's a new month, the last one of the year so I plan to see it out in style 😎

1. Enjoy all the Christmas crap. Last year I was so ill I barely took any notice of Christmas but now I'm so much better I plan to embrace it all! Christmas food, Christmas shopping, Christmas films, Christmas food, just not Christmas music (apart from Mariah - tuuuune.)

2. Be a bit tidier. As you may have gathered from my outfit posts, I'm a bit of a messy pup. But I've been better at keeping my room a little more zen recently and would like to keep it that way - tidy room, tidy mind and all that. Plus, I left it seriously messy earlier in the year when I nearly died and I do not want to be remembered as a tramp pahaha.

3. Make some cards. A big aim for the new year is to get my little Etsy back up and running as it was a fun little hobby. So time to get my creative hat on and get making some new stock! I bought a foiling machine and I can't wait to play with it.

4. Do something for charity. I'm quite on it when it comes to giving back etc etc and it's a habit I'd like to keep up. I buy all my books in charity shops and donate them back when they've been read but I'm thinking of selling them on Depop to raise a little money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I'm not sure if it's a dumb idea or nah, so what do you think?

5. Carry on exercising. I've surprised myself and have actually been getting use out of my gym membership, as well as taking Freddydog for long walks, working out at home and just doing more exercise in general. It's the main way I'm going to keep these new lungs working well so it's really important I do it but December can be a busy and cold month and the temptation to stay in and get cosy is all too much. So I don't wanna let things slip!


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