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Now it's December it's officially the countdown to Christmas and I'm so blimming excited! I don't like to get into it all until now because I love autumn and just want to enjoy that but now I'm in full on festive mode and laaavin' it. It's actually been a fab start to the month, here are the other things I've been loving this week.

Freddy's decoration from Pedro's Plaques!

1. Blogmas. I know I'm only five days in so may be speaking too soon but I'm loving taking part in Blogmas this year! It's given me my blogging mojo back and I'm just having fun with it instead of worrying about my photos being too crappy or whatever. They are, but I don't actually care that much - I've just accepted that this blog is never going to be 'glossy' (even though they're lovely blogs!) and that'll it'll just be authentically me.

2. Playdates at the park. My friend and her little girl came to the park with me and Baby Florrie, they're the same age so we're trying to force them to be besties because that'll be cute for us haha. Luckily they get along great so our plan is working so far!

3. Advent calendars. I have the best of both this year with a Milkybar one from my brother and I've gone halfsies with my mum on the M&S Beauty Calendar which has provided some fab little gems! We've not had any fights over products yet but it's only a matter of time...

4. Allied. I think I may have mentioned it already but I went to see Allied in the week, it was kind of a mix of Inglourious Basterds and Mr And Mrs Smith. It looked incredible on screen (the outfits! The scenery!) but the plot was a bit crap and I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitt no matter how pretty he is. He was so outshone by Marion Cotillard! It was directed by Robert Zemeckis (of Forrest Gump fame) and written by Steven Knight (who has written for Peaky Blinders,directed Locke and surprisingly created Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) so I was expecting something a wee bit better. But then again he's the same guy who wrote I suppose you win some, you lose some. Nevertheless it was very romantic if ya like that sort of thing.

5. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Now THIS is a film worth paying to see, even if you're not a fan of Harry Potter. It was a little bit more grown up I think and far better acted than the HP films (anyone else think the main cast are terrible actors?) but still magical - both in the literal sense and emotionally too, I can't remember the last time I left a cinema so happy. Eddie Redmayne is of course a dream but everyone was wonderful - I was so pleased to see Ezra Miller too because I just love him! Also love how it was set in 1920's New York, I loved the costumes and wanted all the female characters shoes. Just hearing the music again gave me goosebumps!

6. Catch up with a friend. I met up with someone who I haven't seen since the week I got very ill just before my transplant and it was SO good to see her! She'd only ever seen me in 'hospital mode' (oxygen on, trampy clothes, no make up, plaits in hair - so gorge) so she almost didn't recognise me haha. She was an incredible help to me over the past year and a bit and I'll always be so grateful. We need more people like her in the world!

7. Empire magazine. I used to read this all the time in my school library but then I left and was too cheap to buy my own haha but I got the latest issue because it comes with a Star Wars poster that I wanted to give my cousin and I forgot how good it is! I'm a bit of a film geek (I try to watch at least one a day) so I love getting all the insider scoop.

8. Dancing with mama and Freddydog in the kitchen to Buble. Was just a cute, funny little moment at the weekend 💖


9. Going 'out, out.' It was my friend's sisters birthday thing on Saturday then afterwards we went to a place by London Bridge where they had karaoke. The next day even my hair hurt but it was definitely because I got home at half 3 and absolutely nothing to do tequila. We had so much fun, it's the first proper, late night out I've had in about two years but I've learnt my lesson and will behave a bit better next weekend.

10. Big fat fry up. This was on Sunday morning because of the reasons above. Well worth crawling out my pit for.

So that's all the happy things life has offered lately! What were your highlights of the week?


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