Blogmas Day #12 | The Happy List #5

Hello! So things have definitely been getting festive around here, as soon as the tree is up we kind of go into full on Crimbo mode. But y'know, with only two more weeks to go that's more than acceptable - even though I'm yet to watch a Christmas film! Last week I did have one horrible, stressy day but when I was getting points together for this post I realised that actually, on the whole it really wasn't so bad. That's the great thing about doing these posts, they're a good little injection of positivity in ya life!

1. Christmas trees! Yes trees, plural. Our main one is up (I'll pop a post up on that because I don't know about you but I love having a nosy at how other people decorate!) but I've also got this little cutie in my bedroom. The tree is from Hobbycraft and lights up, the baubles are Dunelm and the deer was a bargain from Wilko.

2. Shopppping and a cute lunch date. On Monday I met some family for lunch  and Christmas shopping although it was more presents for me, oops. But my family are the ultimate enablers, I lay all the blame on them!

3. New notebook. Are you even a blogger if you don't have a thing for cute stationery? 😉 This little set is from Anthropologie and was a total indulgent treat for me but how could I leave it behind?

4. This video. Completely terrifying but also the funniest thing I've seen on the internet for ages.

5. This personality quiz. I know they're probably a load of bull but I still love them. This one Lucy mentioned on her blog is spookily accurate - I'm an 'Mediator Personality' (INFP) and I'd love to know yours! Do you think it's spot on for you too?

6. Follow Freddy! I hit peak loser and made Freddydog an insta (he wants you to know he has nothing to do with this.)  Follow him here for all the cuteness!

7. Beauty college. I went to an open day for a beauty college in London last week because I would love to do a make up course! It sounds fun and really interesting, I'm not too bad at doing my own face but it's very different to make up someone else so it'd be cool to learn. I have to check with Harefield when I'd actually be able to do it but it's exciting making plans for the future!

8. Out, out. Saturday night was mine and my best gal pals Christmas night out. I learnt that I now have weird reactions to both vodka and Bacardi thanks to my new meds but am A-OK with prosecco and Malibu so it's all good! Had a fun night, someone we know gave us his raffle tickets at the pub and we ended up winning three bottles of wine and a telly. Bet he was gutted heehee.

9. Christmas Craft Fair. There was a little one local to us, wasn't loads there but it was cute. The stalls all looked quite busy, an aim for next year is to do one there myself!

10. Presents - it's a wrap! Well not quite, almost though. Still one or two left to buy but the rest other than Baby Florrie's are wrapped, even though I was a right wally and wrote 'Happy Birthday' on all the tags!

So yes, not a bad week at all. This week I'm at Harefield (let's hope my app isn't cancelled like it was last week...) I'm hoping to get back to the gym if I can as I haven't been for a couple of weeks and then my nan and grandad are coming at the weekend from Ireland - EXCITED. Have a good 'un and remember I'm posting every day in the run up to Christmas!


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