Blogmas Day #19 | The Happy List #6

Last week was actually so good! I'm sure I start off every Happy List post saying that but it's true. Things aren't good all day every day, but there is definitely something good in every day and when you add them all up together on the whole life is pretty sweet. I know it's all relative but I think compared to most people in the world, particularly right now, I am so lucky and definitely have nothing to complain about! Enough soppiness and onto the list.

1) A little London outing. For the first time in well over a year I took myself out for a little solo day trip, number one on my list was the V&A museum as I'd never been. It was actually on my list of places to go pre-transplant so I felt extra lucky to be there now I have these new lungs. Yet another thing I wouldn't have done were it not for my donor! I also went to the Natural History museum and Oxford Street but I'll do a post on all of those at some point this week.

2) New pretty things. There was an Undressed exhibition at the V&A all about the history of underwear which made the plain black t-shirt bra I was wearing feel totally boring so I went and treated myself to some new pretty ones from Topshop. They accidentally only charged me for one of the bras and usually I'd feel a bit bad but they've been SO crap at refunding me over a lost parcel I now feel like we're even haha.

3) The Broken Lid. Was sad at the time but it was funny! Was looking forward to dinner after the gym but we opened the oven and found this had happened.

4) Harefield. I had a check up at Harefield and all is well which I'm very happy about! I have to go back there in January for a bronch where they'll take a biopsy of the lung which is quite routine when you've had transplant. But for now I get to enjoy a hospital/IV free Christmas and I haven't had one of those for years!

5) Christmas bedding. The countdown to the big day is ahwn once these come out.

6) Nanny & Grandad. They came over from Ireland at the weekend, I was so excited to see them because last time I did was September I think. Back then I wasn't that strong and was still a bit wobbly on my feet so when they saw me now they were happy to see such a big difference <3 they got the boat over and brought a cake with them but they did a Forrest Gump and ate some of it paha. To be fair it's a long ass journey.

7) Night Out. On Friday night I went to a Christmassy thing, mainly for the food but it was actually a fun night! Danced all night and I think it was the first time ever that I've not gotten tired or too out of breath. And I was in heels 🎉 (see what I wore here!)

8) Cross Stitch. I know it's a bit grannified but it's my favourite way to relax! I got this one from Hobbycraft and will probably give this to Baby Florrie because 'buns' are her favourite.

9) Christmas cards. I think she's in my Happy List every week but I luff her! She came round after visiting 'Baba Tristmas' (that's Father Christmas in Florrie talk) and was very excited. I got a lovely card too that made me shed a little tear. My mum gave me one too and this is how she signed it 😂

10) A fan girl moment. I was not cool about this (see original post here.)

11) Live Life Give Life. Finally, my 'story' was featured on Live Life Give Life's Facebook page, you can check it out here and if you're feeling charitable please share mine or anyone else's story on there to raise awareness of organ donation!

Happy Monday to you! I hope you have a great week, I know this time of year can be hard for some people so just want to send a little love your way <3

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