Blogmas Day #22 | Chanel Arthur Review

chanel arthur rouge coco lipstick review

I do like a red lip and I don't think they get more beautiful than those by Chanel. The high street does do amazing shades and the quality can be decent too but you cannot beat that black and gold packaging and that smug feeling you get when you take it out in public to apply 😏

I got my two best gal pals Chanel lippies for Christmas because they're bloody amazing and have always stuck by me, especially this year - the whole CF/transplant thing hasn't phased them a bit and that's not something I can say about everyone. I went for Rouge Coco's, one has got Roussy which is a very pretty pink and the other Arthur, which I ended up nicking because I loved it so much so had to buy a replacement. To be fair though it's a great shade, it's fookin' gorgeous!

I usually go for the Rouge Allure Velvets (see here, here & here) which have a matte finish but lately I've been really into a glossier lip. It's also a punchier red than I'd usually go for as I like to wear a deeper shade but this does make a nice change and I think it's going to be my go to next summer! It's definitely quite sheer so you do have build it up, making it a good one if you're a bit shy of colour. But really, I think with red you gotta go hard or go home, it needs to be a statement so I like to layer this up lots. The pinks do look very pretty and subtle for every day though if you're into something less in ya face. The staying power isn't quite as long as the matte lipsticks so although a red lippy is a classic for Christmas I won't be wearing this on the big day - one has too much eating to do to be worrying about perfect make up! But it still lasts a good few hours, plus it's very hydrating meaning it's not so much a big deal if your lips aren't in great condition (the bane of my life in winter!!)

chanel arthur rouge coco lipstick review

So yes, there are probably cheaper dupes out there but this colour makes me so happy - you can't really put a price on happiness now, can you? ;-) I love it especially worn with grey or blue!

Have you tried any of the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks? What's your favourite red lipstick?

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