Blogmas Day #9 | Pineapple

sugarhill boutique kat top
sugarhill boutique kat top, asos kimmi jeans
black high top converse
sugarhill boutique Kat top, asos kimmi jeans, kate spade sally bag

Jacket | Zara (alternative here)
Shoes | Converse
Bag | Kate Spade (alternative here)
Necklace | Oh My Clumsy Heart

Sugarhill Boutique is such a cute and quirky brand but I am not a cute and quirky kinda gal (I'm just plain weird) so didn't think their stuff was for me until I came across this top on ASOS. So stripy! So Alexa! Snapped it up straightaway as it's a little different to the hundred and one striped tops I own already as the little pineapple motif adds just the right amount of fun without being too out there. It's a nice, thick material too making it perf for colder days - pick up yours now whilst it's still in stock as they're selling out fast! 

Making another appearance are the Kimmi's, once you wriggle out of skinnies and into these looser fit jeans it's so hard to go back to squeezing yaself into something tighter. These are almost as comfy as jimjams which is definitely something as denim can be so restrictive. Just size down if you buy these bargains (£16!) as they tend to loosen up a little as the day goes on (which is odd considering the amount of food I stuff in me gob daily.)

Finally, I topped off the look with a red lip - casual doesn't have to mean slobby!

What are your go to outfits for lazy days? 


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