Supercat VS Super Slim

As much as I love playing around with make up my fail safe, every day look is always a simple cat eye. I used to use a gel liner from Maybelline which is excellent but wanted something with less faff so thought I'd give these two a go as I'd heard good things. 

First up we have the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner. To be honest, it's not really for me! The pen is a bit too thick and where my eyes are so deeply set into my skull (I'm a 'skeleton head' apparently but that comment confused me cos ain't we all?) it can look too heavy on and more like a badly done smokey eye. Also, the staying power isn't really that great.

However in contrast the L'Oreal Super Slim Eyeliner is BAE. It's really pigmented but thanks to the thin nib I can control the line a bit more and build it up if needed. It's great for getting right to the inner corner if I want to, unlike the S&G one that's too bulky. It comes off easily with make up remover but stays on all day without any flakiness. I think this is perfect for beginners!

So all in all, L'Oreal wins!

Are you a fan of a cat eye? What's your go to make up look?

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