The Happy List #7 | Christmas Edition

Hi! How was your Christmas? I would've done a bit of a Christmassy post but I didn't take many photos - too busy eating of course, plus I was just having loads of fun. Last year I spent most of the day on the sofa attached to an oxygen machine trying not to vom/fall asleep, this year I was swinging a little cousin around like a monkey (see evidence below) Part of me doesn't want to say how amazing the day was because I know it's a tough time for a lot of people etc but at the same time if I didn't I think I'd be doing a huge disservice to my donor, their family and also my family as without any of them I certainly wouldn't have been here to celebrate. It was such a special day, we all celebrated it together for the first time (there's about 20 so of us so there's usually at least a few of us missing!) and just kind of toasted the end of a horrible year and the start of a new life. 

We had too much fun with the self timer.

1) Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve usually draaags but I kept myself quite busy. I went shopping with my mum in the morning for some last minute bits, attended Christmas Eve Mass (although I find all religion very problematic, but that's a whole other rant!) and then went out for a meal with my family which we never do the day before Christmas. Before I knew it the day had flown by! 

2) Christmas Morning. I stayed in bed til half 10 just to wind my brother up, I could hear him complaining and was just lying there like *mwahaha* but eventually I put an end to his torture and got up. We had a fry up then opened presents, I'll try and get a post up on what I got because I know you're as equally nosy as I am.

3) Baby Florrie. She's nearly 2 now so was very into it all this year - she kept saying 'Wow, I'm so excited!' 💗 She spent the whole day with us (as well as her mama and dad of course) and it was so special to have them there. My mum bought her a doll's house and we spent hours the day before setting it up and playing with it haha.

4) Christmas day/evening. We went to my aunt's house for dinner which was super yum and fun! I would say I ate too much but we all know the limit does not exist in the whole month of December. I love my family loads, we're lucky that we all get on so well and are really close.

Gym is paying off ;-)

5) Jack Daniel's. Turns out prosecco is not my friend (screw you, man) as I reacted oddly to it but was absolutely fine with JD which is my favourite so it's all good!

6) Love, Actually. We never watch TV on Christmas Day but ended up watching this for the millionth time - my favourite story is the Colin Firth one, what about you?

7) Boxing Day. I took Freddydog for a walkies in the morning, it was completely dead out which was kinda nice because it meant we had the park to ourselves! Then we went to my aunt's to nick the leftovers from the day before and we also played The Logo Game. It was actually painful because we were all so crap at it it took us hours to finish the game.

8) BINGO. We went a few days before Christmas and I only went and bloody won haha! I got to one number left for the full house and my palms were all sweating because I was thinking I was too shy to call out if I won but when I did obviously I was like 'IT'S MEEEE!' hahaha. 60 quid, not a bad Christmas present.

A new pal!

9) A long walk. Me and Freddy went on a 6 and a half mile walk - by accident, since we got lost but still! Was amazing considering this time last year I couldn't put a pair of socks on myself, in fact four months ago I couldn't even walk so it feels like a miracle. It's times like this when it really hits me the gift I've been given. We found Eltham Palace, where Henry VIII grew up. It's so close but I'd never been and need to visit it properly! We also stumbled across loads of horses and donkeys and walked through the posher streets where the houses are mahoosive but pretentious - one is called 'Wuthering Heights' hahaha.

10) This whatsapp. I don't know who the culprit is but I pray for them! 

So I hope you've had a good week too and will enjoy the last few days of the year! I've decided to try and post daily still because Blogmas gave me my blogging mojo back. I used to like posting outfit pics every day, I know my photography ain't exactly #goals but I feel like 2017 will see the return of the old skool blog (or at least I'll be trying my best to revive it in a world full of professionals haha!)


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