A Case For 80's Style

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It's certainly not for everyone, but I for one am thrilled (or should that be frilled?) to see the return of 80's style. Maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember it all the first time round that I'm so enamoured by all the tulle, ruffles and power shoulders or maybe it's because I'm obsessed with 80's movies (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal too actually, have THE best wardrobes in When Harry Met Sally!)  I just don't think it deserves it's bad reputation. Unfairly (in my opinion) described as the decade that fashion forgot, there is good and bad in every era - I doubt we'll be looking back fondly on UGGs and those furry Gucci's haha.  I think there is real inspiration to be had if you look hard enough - it's a bit like TK Maxx innit? I think I may even like it more than the 60's and definitely more than the 70's (could not get on with that trend.) As expected, Topshop is leading the way and I have a wishlist as long as my arm. 

Tulle, ruffles and the power shoulder might not be what you'd expect from my usual style but I don't think you have to go all out - imagine that little jacket just paired with jeans and loafers? I love the contrast of a thick knit or industrial leather worn with soft tulle (you can find cheaper skirts all over the place, H&M is your best bet!) and swap thick tights for sheer ones or even fishnets if you're feeling brave enough. Double breasted jackets and pie crust collar shirts are always classic and of course not forgetting lots of denim. If it's all still too out there look to the boys for inspiration - bomber jackets, trainers and light wash denim all look a lot cooler than they sound. Plus the kids from Stranger Things are my fave! It's easy to incorporate a little of the 80's into your every day look (this is how I've been doing it here and here) and if you're still not convinced click after the jump for a mega load of inspiration to get you on board!

Are you a fan of the 80's? How would you wear the look? I think I'm gonna have to get myself that tulle dress, it's such a beaut!


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