HBD Freddy!

Today Freddydog is 11 so here is a post dedicated to him #sorrynotsorry. I'm at Harefield today so I won't get to see him :-( Not that he cares or even knows it's his birthday haha but this will be the third birthday in a row I'll miss him! At least this time it's not because I'm ill though. Anyway here are eleven facts about my pup in honor of his special day:

* He was my 13th birthday present and I waited like 10 years to get him haha.

* If you didn't know, he's a bichon frise meaning he doesn't moult - great, except it means his fur can be really difficult to manage!

* About 6 years ago he had surgery on his knee because it kept dislocating (ouchie!) We brought my mattress downstairs so I could sleep beside him that night as he was so distressed. This makes no sense especially as he got on it and peed and I ended up having to sleep on the sofa anyway!

* He is allergic to duck, rabbit, loads of different types of trees and grasses, tomatoes and....cockroaches. 

* He has eaten various things over the years including but not limited to a big Fruit and Nut bar, a ball of wool, cherry lipgloss, a khaki green eye crayon, numerous biro pens and once, on the most horrific day, a used condom at the park. 

* He will only eat the most expensive dog food but then again I can't blame him because I have high standards also.

* He's generally well natured with other dogs but hates this little dog we know. I hope it's not because this other dog is only half bichon, I did not raise Freddy to be a bigot. 

* I bought him an expensive dog bed but still his favourite thing to sleep on is a pile of washing.

* Over the years he has escaped the house many times, his latest thing is sneaking into next door's garden. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? 

* He is scared of the vets, baths, brooms, boxes and the hoover.

* He's my best friend but I'm not his - he likes my stepdad, my mum then me in that exact order. 

Happy Birthday Freddy-Boo, don't ever change! Do you have any pets? I'd love to know their little quirks!


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