Irresistible Me Jade Straightening Brush Review

Irresistible Me Jade Straightening Brush Review
Irresistible Me Jade Straightening Brush Review

Usually I like to wash my hair and let it air dry but now and again it does need that little bit of extra help! However I'm not a fan of the ultra straight look that straightners give as I like a little more texture - this is where the fab Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush by Irresistible Me comes in handy! As it is a brush rather than two clamps it helps to tame frizz whilst still letting my hair keep it's slight wave.

It comes with multiple heat settings but I went for the lowest as my hair isn't used to heated tools! It took a couple of minutes to heat up but it was less time than that to actually use, it was so simple even a numpty like me could do it without accidentally having any burn incidents. I brushed my hair through with a Tangle Teezer then used this like a normal brush and the results were as you can see below:

As you can see it's still quite messy because that's how I like it but it's static free! I love how lightweight the brush is (anyone else hate getting a dead arm when doing their hair? Or maybe I'm just mega unfit...) and just a very simple piece of kit that gives good results. It's a dual voltage hair straightening brush meaning that it's super convenient for travelling as all you'll need is an adapter plug. All in all I'm very impressed with this and it's encouraged me to make that teeny bit of extra effort with my hair!

Have you tried this brush before? Are you a fan of the straight look?


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