The Happy List #11

Personally it was a pretty good week for me but there's no doubt it was overshadowed by the inauguration of he-who-shall-not-be-named. I am so saddened to see the Obamas leave the White House but I feel like now they'll be able to do some good things without the weight of the presidency on their shoulders - they'll have a bit more freedom, y'know? After a well deserved break of course! But as I said on insta, I'm certain there are still more kind people in the world. The trouble is it seems close minded people are always the ones with their mouths open so we just have to make sure their voices don't drown out the ones who stand for freedom and equality and love. And to keep the focus on the good things in life here's this week's happy list.

the happy list, positivity, mindfulness, organ donation, nhs organ donor register, #timetosign

1. Some time spent alone. I was sad to say goodbye to my grandparents but as a self confessed introvert I absolutely relished the couple of days I had alone! I do like to just get on with my own thing sometimes with just Freddydog for company and it was a great way to recharge my batteries.

2. Return of the 'rents. Saying that, I was happy when my parents came back from their holiday because I hadn't seen them for a week. They have decided that cruises are not for them, their stories from the trip are so funny! I knew it wouldn't be their kinda thing haha.

3. NHS Organ Donor Instagram Takeover. It was an honour to take over their account along with Tor and Kim (check out Tor's amazing cakes and Kim's beautiful artwork! Both very talented ladies, I'm sure you'll agree.) Like me, they have CF and have also had double lung transplants. You can check out the posts here and find out why it's #TimeToSign!

4. Facebook post. The NHS Organ Donor Facebook page shared one of my pics from the takeover and so far it has over 7000 likes and 1000 shares which is brilliant! So amazing that people are responding so positively and helping to spread the word of organ donation. Would appreciate a cheeky share ;-)

the happy list, positivity, mindfulness, organ donation, nhs organ donor register, #timetosign

5. Baby Florrie sleepover. I know Baby Florrie features in The Happy List every week but y'know...she makes me happy! This week we played big bears, read some new books and of course ate cake.

6. Mama's birthday. The cake in question was my mum's birthday cake, in fact she had two so double the yum! I got her a ticket to see Kings Of Leon this summer with me, I am so bloody excited!

7. Going for breakfast. It's so rare I'm ready and out the house in time for breakfast (I mean it's currently 11am and I'm writing this in my bed in pjs) but I got up early to meet my friend for waffles and it was so worth losing that extra hour of sleep.

8. Cooking. It's not that I can't cook, I just can't cook very well. But practice makes perfect and I've loved trying out new things this past week. I don't like making things that need a hundred ingredients so if anyone has any recipe/food blog/pinterest recommendations I'd love to know!

the happy list, positivity, mindfulness, organ donation, nhs organ donor register, #timetosign

9. This instagram post. It absolutely makes my day when I get messages from people saying they've signed up to the organ donor register - it's such a selfless thing to do and the most incredible gift you can give. Sadly, I do think that an opt-out system is the way forward but it is far better when people make a conscious decision to sign up themselves.

10. Reaching 2000 followers. I hate to be that person but I was so happy to finally reach a nice, round number! F U algorithm hahaha (I'll look now and see I've lost 50 followers.) But if you do follow, thank you because I know my feed is just a big old mess - how on earth do people stick to a theme??

I really hope your week was good despite the current state of the world. I'd love to know some happy moments, big or small!


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