The Happy List #12

So last week was a little bit sucky in parts, I had to go to hospital on Sunday for a CT scan and then had a bronchoscopy and biopsy booked for Tuesday. Except it got cancelled so I ended up having to stay until Saturday because I had it done Friday (I couldn't go home and come back or I'd lose the bed.) I'd explain the whole situation but it's loooong and also I'm sick of talking about it haha. I've touched on it briefly before but it's because I caught a bug on ECMO I need to be kept in isolation in the hospital. So it's difficult for me to get appointments and treatments that I need, even though I am now free of this bug. As much of a pain as it is it didn't affect my health, which is the good thing...I just hope one day there'll be a better system so I don't risk missing out on appointments and scans etc because obviously that's a bit of a worry. It feels absolutely silly to be writing about this after so much going wrong in the world lately but I just thought I'd give you a little explanation to demonstrate how life post-transplant isn't always an easy ride for a whole number of reasons! However there were also some lovely moments last week and I think it's important to remember them in times like this, to remind ourselves that there is good in the world.

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1. Mum discovering YouTube. She said if I was bored to go on it, 'you type in any song you want and there it is!' My heart couldn't take it, she is so pure.

2. Minimalism documentary. I watched this on Netflix and whilst some of it was a bit too extreme for me I found it super interesting to find out more about the concept. I actually have a whole post on this coming up (yes, really!)

3. Journey into Uxbridge. I'd not really explored the area around Harefield Hospital before so used my 'holiday' there as an excuse to check out the local shops (of course!) Was very good though and didn't buy a thing 💪

4. Reading. It was also an excellent chance to read some books, I read three in 5 days and I can't remember the last time I did that! I'll be reviewing them all on here I'm sure.

5. Kindness from staff. Like I said, the people at Harefield are amazing and the doctor was actually so kind to me I cried because I'm a massive sap!

Earrings made by me

6. LaLa Land. Because I was sad my stepdad came all the way to Harefield to take me to see LaLa Land and he hates the pictures 💖 the film was brilliant, when the opening sequence started I was thinking 'Oh gawd, this is gonna be horrendous!' but after that I loved every second. I don't think it'd have been half as good were it not for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (I love them both so much I went to see Gangster Squad and that was an awful, awful film.) They're not annoying (like half the cast of Mamma Mia) but they're not truly crap either (see: half the cast of Les Mis) which is what I think made it bearable. I am not a fan of musicals one bit usually but I would watch this again and again. Plus I think even my stepdad liked it because he didn't fall asleep! When I got back to the hospital the HCA asked me where I went and he said he'd been to one film in his life and he can't remember what it was. How is that possible hahaha!

7. Zizzi. We also went to Zizzi that day, I hadn't been for over a year so it was great to just eat all pasta. And the lemon meringue sundae - YUM.

8. Bronch. Well the best thing was the bronch all went well, I had in done in the theatres and I hadn't been there since I had my transplant so that was a bit strange (it's the only day I remember crystal clear over a period of about three months!) I saw a doctor I hadn't seen since ICU, I like seeing people from those days so they can see that I'm not actually a lunatic haha.

This jumper is now on depop!

9. Bad lip reading. I wish I could say I spent all the free time I had this week productively but the majority of it was spent on YouTube (I took my mum's advice haha!) watching people do that acapella thing and this lip reading of Trump's inauguration, which is one of the funniest but silliest things on the internet!

10. Depop. I've finally uploaded bundles of stuff on my depop, with lots of stripes, grey jumpers, denim, sickchickchic (of course) if you fancy having a lil' look. I'm open to offers as long as they're not silly haha!

Did you have a good week? I hope there were some happy moments amongst all the horridness - let me know!


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