The Happy List #8

Happy, happy new year! I had a wonderful NYE spending it with nearly all of my favourite people (my bestest friends, my grandparents, lots of family, Tom Hardy and Jack Daniels) and it was a huge contrast to last year when I just sat in the corner on my oxygen machine! I could barely make it up the stairs, which incidentally happened again this year but for totally different reasons - oh well though, I had fun! The last week of 2016 was quite excellent and I'm glad I saw it out with a bang.

pom pom wrapping paper, peter rabbit ribbon

1. Baby Florrie turned 2!! It was Florrie's birthday on Friday, I cannot believe this bubba is two already. She went to see a Peppa Pig show and today we're going round there to give her her presents and hopefully eat some cake. Very proud to be her auntie!

2. Pom-pom makers. I went to Hobbycraft in the week and picked up these pom-pom makers for £4 and a load of wool. It's so therapeutic and I've been scouring Pinterest looking for ideas because I may have got a wee bit carried away making them.

3. Pub with Grandad. We just popped in for a couple of drinks and it was really nice, when my grandad has a drink he starts telling you stories from when he was younger and it's so funny!

4. Prezzo with my friend. We ordered a starter, main, dessert then another starter and gave zero fooks because we were still in Christmas mode.

5. Tidy room. Yes that's right, I actually sorted out my life and am starting the new year with a nice tidy space because it's always a major mess after Christmas. Because of that I was able to take a load of blog photos too! And I finally, finally organised the hooks behind my door - they were so overstuffed it was getting hard to open the door, the shame!

vogue paris lily rose depp, karl lagerfeld

6. Shopping with nanny and mum. We were probably a bit nuts going to Bluewater this time of year and gave up after an hour to go eat pasta but it was a lovely few hours spent together plus I got a dreamy pair of boots. I also got Vogue Paris because the cover is spot on and I give up with British Vogue!

 7. Shopping trip with my friend. Me and my best mate see each other a few times a week but we worked out it'd been over a year since we went shopping together! I bought lots and she did not, got my NYE outfit though which I'll show you soon. We went for dinner and there was the weirdest couple ever, basically just read this thread.

8. Shoutout on The Michalaks. Stef tweeted earlier in the week to ask people to tweet good things that happened in 2016 and so I replied about my lungs and it was included in a list of happy things in this week's vlog! I was so happy because that's a bit more awareness of organ donation plus I bloody love their vlogs, they're like mini movies every week. I was sorry to hear about their bad luck recently though, I hope karma bites the thieves on the ass. What goes around comes around, I truly believe that!

copper door hooks matalan

9. Tom Hardy on Bedtime Stories. There were no children in the house but we watched it anyway. He wore a hat, he had his dog - it was perf. To be honest though I'd probably watch that man read the dictionary.

10. New Year's Eve. Finally, a fabulous night! We had a party like we do every year, I kind of get the best of both worlds because I get to dance without leaving my house. My two faves were there too and we just had a really fun night! Freddydog disgraced himself though because he was humping these children who thought he was hugging them so they were going 'Awww, we love you too! Do it again!' hahaha.

How did you spend NYE? Whatever you did, wishing you all the best for 2017 <3


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