The Happy List #9

Hello! So it was another good week, hopefully I'm starting 2017 off as I mean to go on - I think it's going to be a good year because that's what I've decided so I'm gonna make it happen! Life is what you make it, ain't it? I've not had any post-Christmas blues because I'm so excited about the future. Anyway here is what I got up to.

rocky road cake

1. Florrie's little party. As she turned two the week before there was a little get together to celebrate, she was a little fairy! She liked the pom poms on her presents, she said 'Bun tail! But bun gone?' Haha :-')

2. Absolute 60's radio. I had no idea Absolute had a station dedicated to 60's music, it's so bloody good! They have ones for other decades too but this is my favourite. I only ever listen to Radio X so it makes a nice change!

3. Shoutout on #InspiredBy. I've been featured alongside some other lovely ladies on their instagram sharing who we are #InspiredBy. Check it out here and share who inspires you!

4. Travel plans. I'm not able to go abroad until I'm about a year post transplant. This isn't until July but I'm already making plans! It's nothing too crazy but I'm so excited (just need to get saving!)

fentimans rose lemonade

5. Completed a craft project. I'm the absolute worst for starting them then moving onto something new so I'm so pleased I finished this one! I'll show you soon.

6. Florrie sleepover. Baby Florrie came to stay on Wednesday and we had such a nice time. She's so cute and chatty and we went for cake at the cafe.

7. Back to the gym. Went for the first time this year and I think I'm actually starting to enjoy it haha! I've noticed myself getting stronger and it's an amazing feeling after years of bad health.

8. Colour coded bookshelf. I'm well aware how sad this is but I put my books in colour order (forever torn between alphabetical, colour or genre haha) and now I can't stop looking at it! You can't see my bedroom floor but hey, at least my shelves look nice.

balfern leather jacket all saints

9. Night out with my cousins. It was their cousin's birthday and I went too, I see them loads but we'd never actually had a night out before which is quite shocking. We had fun but my cousin knocked a man's drinks all down him and also sprayed body spray in his eye (all by accident may I add!) but he seemed to take it all as a positive sign and hovered around all night. Some people are so weird.

10. Lunch with my friend and bubba. When my friend first moved closer to where I live I couldn't meet up with her that spontaneously because I was ill but now we meet up all the time and it's just so nice! Her little girl came along too and she is very cute indeed.

Tell me about your week! What was the best thing that happened? 


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