Weekend Reading List #1

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One thing I'm super keen to do is share the love more so here's a list of posts I've read this week that I think you'll enjoy too!

* Lucy has looked back on her 2016 goals and it's an incredibly inspiring post! She should be so proud of herself.

* I think we can all agree that getting ready is the best part of a night out and Tara has shared her pre-party routine on The Style Rawr.

* If, like me, you've decided to take up exercise for the new year Gabrielle has created a super handay post with tips on how to stick to your fitness goals.

* Lucy's Lessons In Imperfections is one of my favourite posts from the new year. Perfection certainly is overrated.

* Ellie has written five reasons why the blogging community is epic and I'm so very inclined to agree! You guys rock!

* Saying that, as the blogging world has gotten bigger it sometimes feels harder to form friendships with other bloggers, as articulated so wonderfully from Jemma. I too feel like an outsider looking in from time to time!

*I'll never be a 'super blogger' but I still found Sarah's 9 Ways To Take Your Blog To The Next Level very useful! It's all down to earth advice with little changes that I think anyone is capable of doing if they feel like it.

* I adore Jennie's blog, she's just the most wonderful, honest writer and I couldn't recommend Sailboat enough. Her recent post on appreciating the small things is something I couldn't agree more with, as we all know they're really the big moments in life. 

 I would love to know the best post you've read this week, please leave the links so I can check them out :)


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