Weekend Reading List #2

I've suffered from a major case of blogger's block this week but while the words haven't come so easily to myself here are some recent blog reads that I've loved!

* Susan has shared her tips on perfecting self portraits for the blog - so helpful if, like myself, you don't have a photographer to do your blog pics.

* Hands up who else loves Hannah's blog? She has shared '16 Things I Wish My Teenage Self Had Known' and to be honest at the age of 23 I found most of them to be still so relevant. 

* Corinne has loads of super handy blog tips but she has put together the ultimate guide for growing your social media in 2017 so you can find them all in one place.

* Shelia has the best style, she has that whole effortless, grungy cool thing down to a tee. A shearling moto jacket is now at the top of my wishlist!

* I adore Katy's blog and her recent post 'Why I'm So Over Chasing Approval' really struck a chord with me. We're all guilty of trying to fit and please others at times but this has inspired me to stay true to myself (which we all know isn't the easiest thing to do as bloggers!)

* I love Holly and Summer's blog, I always love to see what they're wearing! Polka Dots at the V&A combines a gorgeous outfit post in one of my favourite ever places, plus Summer has written a quite touching piece on museums. 

* Beautylymin is one of my favourite beauty blogs and this post on Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (including the new Pillow Talk release!) has only confirmed that I need to get some CT in my life.

* I love reading Sartreuse and some of my favourite posts are the Five Piece French Wardrobe ones. Here is the most recent six month update, I wish I had that level of discipline! While I don't think I'd be able to adopt the lifestyle myself, it's definitely something that I can take inspiration from and try to make more conscious decisions while shopping.

* Sophie's blog is another fave, her photos are stunning and she writes so beautifully! Her recent post 'I Like Nice Things, So What?' really resonated with me, as I often get told I'm snobby because of my taste in things. But it's just how I was brought up, there's nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life! I don't care if someone wants to shop at Primark so why should others care that I don't? You do you and all that.

* I would love to raid Rachael's wardrobe, she has those Alexa Chung vibes and the best hair! I'm obsessed with all of her outfits and I'm really coveting her 'Polly' tee. Make sure you follow her on instagram too for some major style inspiration!

So those are this week's favourites, I hope you discover something new and inspiring! As always, link me to a post you loved recently :)


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