Weekend Reading List #3

Ok so I've been a sucky blogger again this week but to be fair I'm in hospital soooo. But even that's not much of an excuse since I have my laptop but I don't have any photos as the blue speckled floor and MDF furniture is not exactly my blog aesthetic darlings. However I've still been reading all that you've had to say so my weekly round up of wonderful blog posts shall commence!

I love an interiors decoration post and Jaclyn is showing off her dreamy new spare room on her blog! Go forth and be inspired, it's the office of dreams. 

Michelle's blog is one of my favourites - not only does her writing get you thinking I always have a good old giggle too! Plus I always respect a fellow crazy dog lady, she is my people. In January it's all too tempting to want to stay curled up indoors with Netflix but this post has got me itching to get outside and explore (even though my local park has nothing on Dartmoor!) 

Anna is showing off her shiny new Converse and it's got me feeling ALL the nostalgic feels. I'll be sticking to my trusty black high tops though as this girl is too messy for anything that white. What colour did you/do you have? I think my first pair were pink and I wrote 'Billie-Joe Armstrong' all over them - the shame! But I'll have to dig them out again because guess who's going to see him play in July, woop woop!

Yep it's Helen again but you know I love her blog! And her list of cute little independent shops is fab because I really want to try and help support small businesses more this year - any recs would be highly appreciated! 

I have a real thing for navy nails and I'm totally lusting over Ioanna's dreamy shade! A little bit different but still very chic and will go with everything. Now to get my own nails in such perfect condition...

Lucy had her annual review at the hospital this week and absolutely smashed it! If you fancy a read about cystic fibrosis, amongst other things, then I really recommend Lucy's blog as not only is she a fab writer she's such a sweetheart too!

Laura has bought a Chanel Boy bag and I am supremely jealous. Better start saving for the next ten years...I mean, do I really need to save up for a home of my own?

I'm not much of  a cook or a foodie for that matter but I'm always bookmarking Kirsty's tasty looking recipes. This halloumi grain salad is super simple to make without compromising on yumminess!

Katy has put together a fab little post on how to take better indoor photos with custom white balance. Perfect, if like me, you are a total novice as she's really broken it down into simple jargon even a moron like me can understand. Time to get practicing! 

I adore Jasmin's Wonderful Wednesday posts, they're the perfect pick me ups for hump days! She may have not been feeling the brightest this week but I love that Jasmin still looked back on the positives and has found some happy moments to share with us all

Read anything good this week? I'd love some links of your favourite posts this week (be it your own or another blogger's!) Happy Saturday!


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