February Goals

Don't wanna be a cliche and be all like 'Waaah this month has gone so fast!' but I will be because it has. It went so fast I hadn't even put up my 2017 calendar yet. From my January Goals I think I only failed at my blogging ones, which I don't mind too much because at least I didn't fail at life haha. I've been a little too busy to manage to comment on 10 blogs a day and there were days I just didn't feel like posting, but that's ok since this is just a hobby anyway. A very self indulgent hobby, all me, me, me. And here's some more me, my February Goals!

1. Go to the gym at least once a week.

I exercise daily but haven't got my butt into the actual gym very much lately. I blame being busy, January being kinda grim and...I dunno, there was one day my shoulder hurt. All terrible excuses and me not going is a big waste of money so I'm gonna up my game and get myself there more often, starting from today!

2. Go the the cinema.

It's Oscar season, yay! So there's some good films out that I really want to see, I'd like to go once a week but no one bloody wants to go unless Jamie Dornan is in it so may have to be a loser and go alone. Although to be fair I've been before and it was actually kind of nice, like the ultimate me-time.

3. Carry on shopping less.

In January I didn't buy much at all, definitely no new clothes (apart from a hat but that doesn't count, k?) After my big wardrobe clearout I discovered loads of old faves and I don't feel the need for anything new. It's been nice having some spare cash, I managed to get tickets to see a few bands I love instead so that's exciting! But I'll do more posts on cutting back and finding personal style soon.

4. 30 Minute Exercise Challenge.

This is from Helen's post (it's great, I'm going to continue with the empties challenge throughout February too) and it links into my first goal. Half an hour is so easily doable for me - I have a dog to take out for walkies, an exercise bike indoors, a gym membership. I really like this free Nike+ app, it's super simple to incorporate into daily life and Pinterest is great too for finding workouts. 

5. Go cruelty-free.

I've been thinking about this for a while and there is really no logical reason that I don't. Again, I'll be doing a post in full on this but I'm no longer going to be buying products that have been tested on our animal friends (and yes, that includes Chanel!)

So what are your goals for February? How did you do last month?


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