I love Valentine's Day and I'm not even in a relationship - yes it's commercial and gaudy and we all know that we should be telling our loved ones how we feel everyday etc, etc. BUT I don't see anything wrong with having a day put aside to celebrate something as special as L-O-V-E.

And it doesn't have to be romantic love, it comes in so many forms if you let it. I love my family, my friends, my Freddydog, my life and yeah I'm gonna say it, I love me. You're not 'supposed' to say that, but I do. I'm not perfect and there's many things that I'm working on but on the whole I have decided to like myself. As women we are so critical of ourselves and on a personal level what a waste my second chance of life would be if I spent it hating who I am. I learnt many lessons after the topsy-turvy time that was last year and one of them (and perhaps the most obvious) was that you're only here once and you have to make the most of things. I'm more appreciative than ever and while I may not love life every second (because hey, I'm only human!) I do love every day. Life may not be all sunshine but storms can be beautiful too (aaaaand I think I just made myself ill writing that sentence.) But remember you are unique which makes you incomparable...and isn't that a lovely thing?

Saying that, we know V-Day can be a big fat 'HAHAHAHA LOOK AT YOU, LOSER! YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET A CARD OFF YOUR MAMA' so if you're feeling like a little self love is in order then what better excuse to have a lil' Topshop splurge? ;-) But of course there is no greater way to share the love than by signing up to the organ donor register!

What are you doing today? I'm gutted to be missing my man haha but I do have a date with 11 men*.

*I'm off to watch football!

Oh and P.S. YES I ventured outside to take photos...in my garden haha. But it was quite difficult to do by myself so we'll see if I try it again!


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