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A very casual look but it has been a long while since I wore a red lip sooo...kinda made an effort, no?  

Instead of rambling on about nonsense today I want to tell you about I Am Chouquette's latest video sharing her personal experience of organ donation. I think it was such a brave video for Claire to make and it made me emotional as it got me thinking about my own family. I was the lucky one as I don't remember much of the last week before I got my new lungs. Like I remember being a bit out of it asking my best friend if I was dying because I had my funeral plans in a hidden place and wanted to let someone know where they were  - she said no (the little liar) and we shared a pizza but I will never forget the look on her face. The look on everyone I loved faces during that time actually. I haven't spoken much about the time I was on ECMO because most of it is a blur but over the past few months memories have been coming back to me out of the blue. Actual ECMO is still a complete blank but I'm starting to remember conversations and just how everyone was trying to keep it together. They were brave and never showed me how scared they were but it must have been absolutely horrible, it's not something they will really discuss with me even now. Sometimes I feel like the recipient's families get a little forgotten about when organ donation is discussed but they really go through it too, just as much I'd say if not more so. I know I would go through everything again rather than see someone I love get that ill.

It was so interesting and different to hear from the perspective of a recipient's family and I'm so pleased Claire has used her platform and huge audience to raise awareness of such an important topic - I think it must have been very hard to film! It's a long video but an excellent one and I urge everyone to watch to see how organ donation doesn't transform just one life, but many. So go and share the love by signing up to the organ donor register today!


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