The Happy List #13

Well I don't know about you but wasn't last week a weird one? IRL and on social media. I never get involved but I felt like I had to have a little break from it all because of what I was seeing. You know what, I blame Trump and I'm not even joking. I think everyone is so pissed off about the state of the world these feelings have bubbled over and we seem to be taking it out on each other at a time when really we should be sticking together in solidarity. But I guess that is just human nature and it doesn't make us bad people - just human and none of us are perfect. But here's hoping for a more positive week because no matter what anyone says I believe that on the whole we're all good eggs really! As this week with some lovely people has proven.

Gorgeous stationery from Elsie and Nell

1. Ed Sheeran tickets. I was on the phone to my cousin, we were both in the 02 priority waiting room and luckily we managed to nab ourselves some tickets! We're right up in the sky but it doesn't matter, he's not exactly the type of guy you rave to. After everything I've been through I can honestly say it was one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had hahaha.

2. Walkies in the rain. It started to pour as soon as I got to the park with Freddy but he loves it there so much I didn't have the heart to take him home. So we walked in the rain and actually it was rather nice (even if we did look like a couple of drowned rats afterwards.)

3. Made a dinner. I've been trying to eat less meat and I made my family a veggie meal in the week and didn't fook it up πŸŽ‰

4. New magazines. The only magazines I buy without fail are Empire and Love (I got the Sienna Miller cover, what a dream girl) so I picked those up alongside Blogosphere. I've yet to read it but after a flick through it looks promising and actually way more interesting than I was expecting.

5. Friday night. I gatecrashed my mum's night out with her friends but I love them all and feel like I'm getting to an age where I'm like a 'proper' adult so it's a bit more acceptable to hang out with them without the comments from others haha. We had a lot of fun even if we did get a little too drunk! (This is what I wore btw!)

6. Birthday party. My little cousin turned 6 at the weekend (my baby! Why is he getting so big?) and despite being quite hungover I enjoyed his birthday party. I had a good time at the buffet table anyway!

7. Queen's House. My sister in law (or rather soon to be!) is looking at wedding venues and we went to Queen's House in Greenwich, 'just to take a look.' It was very beautiful and despite not even being a wedding person I now want to get married so I too can have a big special day (even if I end up having to marry myself haha!)

8. Brunch. I met Cat for brunch at Hally's at the weekend and it was really lovely! I've made a mental note to 1. go to brunch more often and 2. make more of an effort to meet new people because I always say I will but never bloody do!

9. New pictures. Actually, they're kind of old pictures but I finally got them put up. Now here's hoping they don't fall on my head as I'm sleeping...

10. Getting sh*t done. Last week in general was quite a productive one, I ticked a load of things off my to-do list and we know how satisfying that feels. Now to tackle this week's πŸ’ͺ

I hope Monday starts off on a positive note for you! Kick it off by telling me one good thing that happened last week (other than Beyonce's baby news πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά)


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