The Happy List #14

Hey, hey! I feel like this week has absolutely flown by and I've not got much done but I think that's because I was having fun instead so...never mind. It involved catching up with old faces and new and also some very exciting news!

1. Shopping trip with mama. This is why I cannot save my money, I live with the biggest enabler ever haha. Although I didn't buy any new clothes, despite Topshop being oh so tempting. She's actually just come in and asked me if I want to go shopping again, I could say no but y'know...don't want to be rude.

2. New 'jamas. They are the best, no? H&M is my favourite place to get them!

3. Depop. So I managed to sell a few things but I also bought stuff off it with the money I made so I didn't really make much so far haha. But Depop haul coming soon! You can check out what I'm selling by searching 'sickchickchic.'

4. Visit to my old hospital. This was so good, I'd not seen most of my CF team since before transplant so it was great to see them as last time I did I was really ill on ECMO and being sent off to a different hospital. They worked really hard to keep me well and I'm so grateful to them for everything they've done for me! I got to speak to some of my nurses from my old ward too, I was there so much I got quite close to them (I mean I saw them more than some of my own family and friends haha) so that was really nice too.

5. Baby Florrie. I went to see her after my hospital visit and she just makes me laugh so much! I asked someone if my photos looked filtered and she said 'Tosie's photos are filtered! Heeheehee!' She's two!

6. Lush bath. I had a bath bomb from my birthday last year but was saving it for, well I don't even know what and now I totally get the hype! Pink bath, The Strokes and a massive bar of chocolate made for a pretty ideal Friday night sitch.

7. Millwall. On Saturday I went to watch Millwall for the first time in about two years! There's like three or four flights of stairs to get to the stands, last time I was there I really struggled but this time I ran up them - the most amazing feeling! And they won, making it totally worth going out in the snow. I also saw a load of people I'd not seen since before transplant and I love being all like 'Ta-dah!' haha! I think it's important people can see the difference organ donation can make, you can read about it and all that but actually seeing it is a different matter.

8. #YouCanSitWithUsLDN. Kristabel organised a cute blogger meet up on Sunday (all of these pics are from the event) and I learned loads! I'll admit I felt a bit out of my depth (I so do not understand insta algorithms and all of that malarkey, I'm such a n00b) but everyone was so lovely and it was great to meet other people. If there's another one you must pop along!

9. Drinks. After the event I met up with Cat again for drinks which was fuuuun even though I'm still not quite sure how I made it home.

10. Happy family news! And for the best, best news of the week - a new bubba will be here this summer! It's so exciting, I can't wait to meet them and obviously go out and buy all the tiny clothes. I cannot stop smiling! It's not going to be my niece or nephew in case you were wondering haha but I'm equally as happy!

So how was your week? Tell me what was good about it! I shall see you tomorrow for a special post about lurve. 


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