The Happy List #15

Hello! I've been missing blogging lately but unlike the old days I've not been able to do it because I've been having so much fun in the 'real world' (although I hate when people say that, these days online friendships and all of that are just as relevant!) Still, not wanting to break with tradition I wanted to fill you in on a fab week.

1. Shopping trip. Again, me and mama went shopping. Remember how last Sunday I ended my post with 'So next time I'm eyeing up yet another stripey top I'll be asking myself if it's really necessary' ? Well I bought another one on Monday, hahaha. It's a good 'un though, see it for yourself here.

2. Bumping into Baby Florrie. Well not literally (she is only 2, ya know) but on the same shopping trip she was at the same place with her mama and nanny so it was really nice to spend some unexpected time with them all (over cake, of course.)

3. Valentine's Day. I wrote a whole post on love and I know it's a cheesy day but it still gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels. 

4. Millwall. I went on Tuesday and they won and then they bloody went and beat Leicester on Saturday! V proud but the trouble is they're playing Spurs away on the same day we're having a party to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis and Harefield hospital so am just hoping people still turn up haha. 

5. Keeping a diary. One of the reasons I've not been blogging as much is I've started writing a diary again, like old school styley with a pen and paper haha. So I'm afraid it's been getting all the goss rather than you (but you know the majority of it is just like 'Guess what Freddydog did today!') 

6. SUNSHINE. If you're a Brit then you get the excitement. Hasn't it been glorious? So I've been getting outside as much as possible and taking advantage of leather jacket weather ✌

7. FOOD. I ate out a lot last week and while my bank account may not thank me I myself am very happy about this. A lot of crap actually, as you can see from my pics. I would say I've eaten too much pizza but we all know that's not possible (the limit does not exist 🙅)

8. Birthday celebrations. It was Florrie's mama's birthday so we went out on Saturday night for some fun. I don't think I've actually gone out out with her and my brother since transplant so it was really good! Definitely maybe drank too much though but I shall blame my brother ok? 

9. Ice Cream. So I went with my friend and her bubba's to this ice cream place nearby and I ordered this massive thing before I knew what the kids were getting (something much smaller) so obviously mine came and they were jealous haha. I would say I didn't enjoy it but I so did. 

10. Sisterhood. I was hungover af but there was a lovely, lovely girl on the bus who helped me make sure my foundation was blended as I did it on the bus - gotta love it when girls stick together! 

So there's my news, tell me yours! 


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