The Happy List #16

Hello! So it's Monday again, somehow and last week was busy. All good stuff, as always although I've been a bit ill and it's kind of knocked me for six. I think now I don't have rubbish lungs to contend with I have a much easier life and have turned into a wimp haha! I was actually a proper wimp but more on that soon.

1. A walk in the park. There's been a weirdo lurking in the park where I walk Freddydog so I made my parents come with me on Monday. They were like 'Yeah OK, we can get fit at the same time!' except they brought along 'sweets for the journey' lmao. But we had a nosey in this building that I walk past nearly every day and inside was some kind of winter garden that was all kinds of beautiful! A real hidden gem.

2. Breakfast at the cafe. I had a massive fry up with all the extras, everything and I know it's so bad for you but I have no regrets.

3. LUSH Bath Bombs. I'm obsessed, I need help. Gotta catch 'em all, like Pokemon.

4. Location scouting. My nanny will be 80 this year (don't tell her I told you) so we went on a mini mission to find a nice place to celebrate. We found a cute little pub and it had the most beautiful rabbit in the world living there (see for yourself, you cannot deny it's beauty!)

5. Baby Florrie sleepover. She always brings me so much joy. We went to Clinton's and she was looking at the tsum tsum teddies but found a money box one and dropped it hahaha. It's fine, she was safe and everything but her little face! </3

6. Pactster workouts. My physio at the CF clinic recommended these as they're workouts specifically designed for people with CF. Maybe not as useful for me now I have these non-CF lungs but I've been fitting them into my daily routine as they're quite short so there's no excuse to not do them!

7. Ghost hunting! At the weekend me and some friends went to Pluckley in Kent as it's apparently the most haunted village in England. I got as far as the end of the graveyard, decided nah and went back to the pub (see pics!) No ghosts were found, unsurprisingly, but we had a good time and it was something different innit?

8. Films. I used to watch a film every day but haven't had the time lately so  had a good catch up! I was thinking I'd do a monthly round up of everything I've watched because I love films but rarely talk about them on here. I went to see Manchester By Sea on Sunday and I just can't stop thinking about it, I need to buy it when it comes out to watch over and over again because I must just like a good cry or something.

9. The Oscars. I stayed up to watch the whole thing, I don't know if that was an achievement or a real stupid idea because my sleeping pattern is now fooked. Actually it was worth it to see that absolute cock up at the end, what the actual fook happened? Someone has lost their job but I shall be living for the memes today. Anyway I love The Oscars, it's a bit la di dah I know but also quite magical. I'm unsure about how I felt about the stunt where they surprised the people by letting them into the ceremony - it obviously is gonna be a highlight of their lives but I found it to be quite patronising too. Like 'Let's let the commoners in' haha. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel and his comments, I'm not his biggest fan anyway so that doesn't help. What did you think? But I agreed with all the winners and usually there is always at least one disappointment haha. Wait actually there was - Suicide Squad for Best Makeup and Hair Design when literally every girl rocked up as Harley Quinn for Halloween?

10. You. Yeah, you. I've just had some really lovely comments/tweets/emails lately so thank you! I mean I always do but, as discussed yesterday, the community has been feeling a little less connected lately so it does mean a lot 💗

Did you watch The Oscars? Do you believe in ghosts? Two weird questions for you to ponder! 


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