Weekend Reading List #4

So I have more lovely posts for you to peruse! Hope you enjoy and find some fab new reads while you're browsing - let me know your faves!

* I love a good shelfie (who doesn't?) and Millie's hexagon shelves are super cute and a little bit different! Her blog is a very recent find for me and I think it's just lovely. 

* Hannah's post on Why Dogs Are So So Perfect is spot on - sorry cat lovers, but you're just wrong. Dogs rule. 

* Lucy does these really great hair tutorials that are often based on history or characters from literature which are right up my street me being the geek that I am! Her most recent are looks based on Brigette Bardot and now I'm totally regretting cutting my hair so short. 

* Truelane is another new blog find this week and I adore Chelsea's style! Her 'Hello Lover' tee has shot straight to the top of my wishlist. I don't follow many American bloggers to be honest but I would like to so if you have any recs please send them my way!

* Another inspiring post by Lucy sharing thirty little nuggets of wisdom she has learnt at 30. This is why her blog is one of my favourites, not only is her style obviously incredible she has this wonderful way of writing that means I feel like I've learnt a thing or two about life without feeling like I've been preached at. Read and be inspired! 

* Belle is celebrating the return of the mac and I am SO down for it's revival (although did it really ever go away?)

* Ok so I know life can be a bit shit sometimes but I do love me a happy, positive post and if you do too you should check out Corinne's 'Three Things I'm Thankful For'.

* I'm sure you all read Becky's beautiful blog, I love all of her posts but I thought 'It's The Little Things In Life' was especially cute and pretty!

* Natalie is BACK and I am so pleased. She recently reviewed Sali Hughe's latest book, Pretty Iconic, which I now need to get my hands on ASAP as I loved Pretty Honest and practically devour Sali's columns for The Guardian. 

* Rhiannon's appreciation post for pretty underwear just speaks to me - I cannot stop buying them so it's good to know someone gets my addiction ;-)

Read any good posts this week? Do let me know and share the blogger love <3


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