Weekend Reading List #5

Again, I've had a bit of a busy week so haven't been blogging much of my own stuff but I've still been catching up on everyone's lovely blogs! Here's some of my favourite posts of the week.

* Ciara's post on Adulthood really struck a chord with me - 'growing up' isn't a race, we have to get there in our own time and it's so up and down! 

* Sam's post about mental illness is so important - we need to keep talking about it to raise awareness for people who maybe don't understand it and also for others who are going through it so they know they're not alone. I'm so proud of Sam's mental illness posts, she has taught me so much!

* I've only just discovered The Moptop (I know, I know - where have I been? ) and I'm seriously crushing on Tonya's style. What a babe! These two looks are so simple and pretty and I want to recreate. 

*  I love Lydia's channel and her video on how she changed her life around was an interesting one! It was different to her usual but I think she's included some fab tips that we can all take on board. 

* I'm SO happy Annabel is back blogging! Her photography is beautiful and she is the resident mascara expert so if you're in need of a new one go check out her recs. 

* OK so I love everything Lizzy posts but her latest inspiration post is a good 'un. Not only is the fashion great I love the way the whole post has been presented - very unique and nice to look at!

* We've all seen Beauty Pie reviews floating around the blogosphere and I've been so intrigued by them - however the slight mystery surrounding the products has put me off a bit! But Steph has done reviews and revealed what she thinks they're dupes for, which is super helpful. I'll definitely be making a purchase next time I feel like treating myself to some make up, plus it's all cruelty free too I believe. 

* Another post of Corinne's has made it onto the list this week but I think you'll love her handy post on how to blog legally. I don't know about you but I find it all mega confusing!

* You know I love a good Breton stripe so I was all over Helen's post on finding the perfect striped top!

* Sade's photography is beautiful and she has such a way with words too - she's one of my favourite bloggers for sure! Stupid Cupid! is a post I related to so much it was almost scary haha. It's funny because people say I'm really easy to talk to and while I may overshare on here in real life I've been told I can be a somewhat a closed book and this is something I would like to change.  

Have you read anything good this week? I'd love to read some new blogs!


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