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I've explained my thoughts on the 'Minimalism' documentary and while I don't think the concept is really for me (I like a lot of stuff) the point about the effect consumerism has on the wider world was certainly food for thought. Watching 'The True Cost' inspired me to maybe think a little bit more about my choices whilst shopping and while I don't think I can give up on the high street forever last month I changed my habits a little because it was one way I could do my bit.

One of these ways for me was buying clothes through Depop. When I was younger I used to buy tonnes of vintage but as I've gotten older my tastes changed and the punky skirts and quirky dresses of my teens were no longer my style. I've also found my patience to be a lot thinner and I lost the thrill of searching through markets and shops for the perfect fitting vintage piece - H&M was just easier. Lazy I know, but it's the truth. However I've been selling stuff on Depop (at 'sickchickchic' *plugplugplug*) and found myself 'browsing' through other sellers pages and ended up buying some real gems! It's all high street stuff so I know there'll be people thinking it's not exactly ethical but I like the fact that these clothes are still being 'recycled' and I'm helping out girls like me (because sellers are mostly young women) make some dollar. Plus I find it cheaper than eBay and got myself some items that I'd wanted for ages. But I guess you want to see the haul, so enough rambling from me! Here's what I got, along with how I plan to wear them (once the weather picks up again...)

Rodarte for Target dress

This is one of those items that I'd never thought I'd own but after searching through the 'tulle' tag on Depop there it was. This range was available in Target stores in the US and I think it was also sold on Net-A-Porter back in 2009 but I missed out. Natalie Portman wore this dress in yellow and it's just got those classic Rodarte punk princess vibes. However I'm planning on wearing this next week to a party with either these heels or sheer tights with these shoes (so I can dance!) as I'm a little bit over my wannabe punk phase thank god but I love the ballet influences in this dress so I want to wear it in a bit more of a classic way. I think I paid around £25 for it? 

Kate Moss x Topshop Star Dress

I missed out on all the Kate Moss x Topshop stuff so am forever searching eBay for pieces in my size as they're some of my favourite high street collections ever. My addiction to star print isn't going anywhere and when I found this dress for just £14 I snapped it up straightaway! I cannot wait to wear this in the summer with a bun, some hoops and hopefully a tan.

Kate Moss x Topshop Pansy Top

This top has been so hard to track down in a decent condition and in my size so I was super happy to have found it! I'm not usually a fan of so much colour but the print is iconic and so pretty for the summer. I think it's just going to look so cute with loose fit jeans and tan accessories plus the fit is really flattering too. If I can also find the dress version one day I shall be very pleased indeed! I think this was about £25.

Topshop Floral Tea Dress

I'd tried this dress on before but couldn't find my size so again, snapped it up straightaway when I saw it. It looks great now with sheer tights and a leather jacket (see here) but I can't wait to wear it with sandals and maybe a denim jacket. Which I don't actually own, so better get searching on Depop again ;-) This was about £15.

Topshop Floral Dress

I have the star print version of this and as you know I wear it to death so got the floral version too. It's a size smaller than the starry one so it's a little tighter and shorter but it still fits and I'm so pleased I found it because it sold out everywhere. I think it might be a bit too short to go bare legged in but it's the perfect little dress for winter! I think it cost about £18.

Louis Theroux Bae T-Shirt

I won't lie to you, I can't really recall ordering this but I'm happy that drunk me did. I think it's so funny! I wore it to the cinema the other day and the girl behind the counter was like 'OMG NEED' and in fact a lot of people on insta and twitter said the same thing, so go get your own here or search 'nicolabrightondesign' on Depop. They're unisex and I got a size small (I'm an 8-10 for reference!) and it's only £16.

Marcel Gracieuse Bag

Finally, I was really lucky to have won a cute little bag from Marcel Gracieuse, who runs a lovely shop full of vintage goodness over on ASOS Marketplace. I know when I think of vintage stores I conjure up images of crazy clothing that I'm not brave enough to wear but everything in the store is so chic and carefully selected so definitely check it out if, like me, you don't really like searching through rails of tat! 

So those are my Depop buys! There's absolutely no way last year I'd have considered buying preloved clothing but now I am well and truly eating my words. Are you a fan of secondhand shopping? What's been your best find? 


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