March Goals

February was busy, busy, busy! Not complaining one bit though because I've been enjoying it. Pre-transplant a question I used to get asked a lot was 'Don't you get bored?' And I always answered no because I really didn't. I would literally sit in one room for weeks at a time attached to all sorts of machines and while I felt frustrated I'd not really say I was bored. I used to think I was just maybe a boring person haha but I realise now I was just so ill I had no energy to feel like doing anything! Now I'm better I always have to be doing something, now I can't bingewatch shows on Netflix because after an episode or two I have to leave the house or I'll go stir crazy. It's so weird! But again, not complaining one bit. Anyway, as for my February Goals I was a bit hit and miss. I um, quit the gym and instead bought a cinema card haha but I exercise at home every day anyway so I've proved to myself I can motivate myself to do it without having to pay for the gym. I did not shop less but I do have a nice little haul to show you! And while I didn't buy many beauty products last month (I'm still doing the empties challenge) what I did get has been cruelty-free, so at least I've managed that goal! Here is what I want to achieve this month...

1. No new clothes/products.

Ok so I know I said this last month but this time I mean it because I really can't afford to buy any more and keep on going out so something's gotta give! But I'm really happy with everything I have at the moment so I'm sure I'll survive a month without new things...

2. Work on my Etsy.

I'm so close to getting it all set up so a big goal for the month is to relaunch it! I have no massive plans for it, it's just something I loved doing so it'd be nice to run it again. 

3. Drink more water. 

Keeping up with Helen's post still I'd like to drink more water. It's the only thing I really drink unless I go out so I'd like to see if I can cut out everything else all together but we shall see! 

4. Keep saying 'Yes' to more things.

I used to be the worst for sticking firmly in my comfort zone but this year I've been agreeing to more things from meeting new people to trying new things and it's paid off because I'm having a lot of fun! It's difficult, especially if you're a bit introverted like me, but so worth the 'risk'. 

5. Read more.

Not just books, but blogs too. I've neglected both recently (probably because I've been out more!) but it's something that I really miss so I'd like to make more of an effort with both. 

Ok, so what are your plans for March? Anything exciting?


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