The Happy List #17

Hey! So I had a little break, I suppose I just wasn't feeling like saying anything even though lots of good happened. Maybe I'll have a chat about it if I want to but for now here's the happy stuff from the past two weeks!

1. Cinema. I took myself off on a solo trip to the cinema to see Fences. I don't mind going alone, I go when I don't want to be totally by myself but also don't want to have to talk to anyone. Gives my brain a chance to sort itself out! It was good anyway, if a bit long.

2. Nights out. The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur if I'm to be totally honest with you and I'm thinking I probably need to calm down a little. Had fun making up for all the years I was ill but I probably don't have to fit a few years into a few nights haha.

3. Millwall. They lost 6-0 at Spurs but you know what? I'm proud of them anyway haha. Wasn't expecting to win but kinda wasn't expecting to lose that badly.

4. Harefield. All is well with me! Bloods were fine, the bronch from January was fine and I don't have to back until the end of April, woop woop.

5. Pancake Day. It was a while back now but I'm happy to reminisce...until next year you lil taste sensations!

6. Walkies with Fredster. Again, to clear my head I like taking the dog out for ages and he's been so good lately. He's a bit hit and miss off his lead even though he's 11 (don't worry I'm well aware that as his owner it's absolutely my fault) but he's been behaving which is always pleasant.

7. Brighton. I went for the day on Wednesday and was a bad blogger because I didn't take a single photo but sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the day without thinking about any of that!

8. Covent Garden. Again I didn't take a single pic but this was all in my week off from all blog stuff! I think it's my favourite place to shop, I 100% recommend it over Oxford Street (it's Zara is so much better!)

9.  New shoes. Said I wasn't going to buy anything new this month, obviously I lied. They nice thoooough.

10. CF/Harefield do. The best til last! We had a party to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Harefield Hospital. Everyone was so generous and we got just over £4000 which is fab! I was on my feet all night and danced loads and went to some nasty club after (I hadn't been for ages and was soon reminded why) but I had loads of fun. Especially compared to last year when I was stuck on oxygen in the corner. There was a nice moment when I was talking to a band member and he was like 'How's your relative doing? The poor girl that was in the chair and on oxygen?' And I was like 'Dat me!' haha!

Sorry this all seems a bit rushed, I guess it kind of is but wanted to check in with ya anyway! Hope you're well. 


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