The Happy List #19

I fully intended to blog more last week but then when the attack at Westminster happened it felt a bit silly to chat to you about clothes and the stupid things I'd done that week. I know the best thing we can do is carry on as normal and live our lives in the same way but I grew up in London and have walked over that bridge a thousand times so I couldn't help feeling really sad about it. I wish I had something more profound to say but I think it's all been said already by everyone else. I'll just say what I always do which is there are more good people out there than bad, that's for sure. And I'll carry on with my happy list because it's important to focus on the good stuff.

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1. Brunch. I meet up with my friend once or twice a week for brunch and I'm definitely enjoying this new little tradition of ours!

2. Hobbycraft. Anyone else go there and buy a load of stuff they don't need? I bought paints and I can tell you now I'm never going to paint anything in my bloody life.

3. New shoes. More specifically, sandals - yay for sandal weather! Plus I got them from Next Kids, god bless having titch feet.

4. This song. I'd forgotten about it and just how happy it makes me feel even though it's not got the happiest lyrics.

5. Cherry blossom trees. I'm 100% here for the cliche blogger pics on instagram because they're just the prettiest.

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6. This doggo. Because how could he fail to put a smile on anyone's face? Yep, that includes you Mrs Cat Lady.

7. New piercings. Finally got my second holes done! I went to Claire's and felt about 12 years old again but I'm glad I did it. Now just have to wait the 6 weeks til I can change them...

8. Primark haul. I never go to Primark but popped in in search of the Chip mug and this gingham dream as worn by Hannah Gale. They didn't have the mug and the dress looked horrendous on me but I'll post a mini haul if you want because I got quite a few cute things for summer.

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9. Good hair days. I'd mentioned before that my hair had gotten really thin post transplant, I'm guessing it was a mixture of the new drugs and also just the trauma from surgery but it seems to be behaving itself now and it makes me very happy indeed, even if it is just hair in the grand scheme of things.

10. Saturday night. I went out with some friends and had a good time from what I can remember! Sunday however was not so enjoyable.

So that's my news! I really want to try and blog a bit more because I think it does my brain good and I swear it feels like yearsssss since I got some fashion stuff on here. So what have you been doing? By the way is anyone going to The Blogger's Market on Saturday! I am and would love to say hi πŸ™‹


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