Weekend Reading List #7

Hey, hey! So once again I've been a lousy blogger when it comes to commenting (I promise I will get back to you soon!) but I'm keeping up with this little round up of the best posts I've read on t'internet this week.

* Laila has stated 'Nobody Has Any Style These Days' and I feel quite inclined to agree with much of what she says, not about anyone else's style (and especially not Laila's as she has such an interesting and quirky look) but rather my own. I used to experiment a lot more but I suppose when I was ill I dressed more for ease and comfort as it was a bloody miracle if I got out of jimjams. Here's to experimenting more with fashion!

* I wanted to mention Emma's YouTube channel because I think she rocks! If you fancy watching something a bit different, Emma's ya girl (I've particularly been enjoying her travel vlogs!)

* Holly has written about feeling disconnected with the blogging world, something I think a lot of us can relate to right now. I for one am looking forward to reading future posts on film and green fashion (as much as I love Summer and Holly's fashion posts now!) 

* Bianca writes one of my favourite blogs - she's just so honest and very 'human' if you get what I mean. Her latest, 'Why I'm Glad My Online Business Failed', is very inspiring - we all fear failure don't we? But it's something we can definitely learn from.

* I've been reading Lydia's blog for yonks and I loved her latest post on keeping blogging positive. She is right that the power to change how we feel about blogging comes from within us and in the current blogging climate it's more important than ever to support each other and just, well, be nice

* When oh when is Jennie going to publish a book? It needs to happen, no? We're so lucky to have her lovely blog in the meantime. That Green Light had me in tears and I'm not ashamed to say that. Just go read for yourself and be inspired.

* This outfit thoooooooough. Helen always looks incredible and this is an outfit I want to copy ASAP. Need that Mulberry pls.

* I love Michelle's blog, it always makes me giggle and Thoughts From My First Park Run is no exception. I've not done anything official but I've been going for runs in the park lately in a bid to get fit and I could relate so much to this!

* Amy has the best style and I'm now after something in this shade of green to wear with my silver boots (although I won't look half as cool as her!)

* Jaclyn has had her bubba (and doesn't she have the best name ever?) I'm so happy for her, although I of course will miss her posts whilst she's AWOL haha!


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