24 Things I Have Yet To Learn At 24

Last weekend I turned 24. Might have mentioned it, in fact I definitely did - I like to drag my birthday out like the Queen. So even though it was a whole week ago I thought I'd do a lil' post on it, the original plan was to do one of those 24 At 24 things that people do but that just got me panicking when I realised that I know eff all about most things. I couldn't complete the list but seeing as there's plenty I still don't know here's an alternative list of 24 Things I Have Yet To Learn:

1. To not drunk text/call/tweet. It never ends well.

2. Karma will always, always get me back. Yet still I do these naughty things.

3. How to drive a car. I still can't bloody drive.

4. To not say innit/issit/ain't it. No explanation needed but then again I am from South East London so I can't help it.

5. How to correctly cook an egg in any way. It's always too burnt or too raw.

5. That cutting my hair spontaneously at 3am is never a good idea. Get thee to a hairdresser!

6. Paypal money is in fact real money. Same goes for debit cards. 

7. To not waste money on eBay when I cannot sleep. I have never and will never need 100 backs for earrings.

8. The difference between than and then. Enlighten me please? 

9. To keep my mouth shut sometimes. I have a major case of foot in mouth syndrome.

10. Not everyone is my friend so maybe I shouldn't always be so open. Not everyone is nice y'all. 

11. How to master a flatlay. I'm a #bloggerfail.

12. The dance to 'Candy'. I always have to sit it out. 

13. Balance. I'm either all or nothing, never in between and it's just not practical.

14. That Tom Hardy is probably never gonna marry me so it's time I gave up on that one.

15. That orange lipstick just doesn't really suit me that much. I just look like I've had too many Calippos. 

16. That it's not really ok to listen to be listening to Panic! At The Disco still. It's time to move on.

17. How to fake tan without looking like a streaky piece of bacon afterwards.

18. To not write LMAO. I started writing it ironically and now I can't stop.

19. Why boys always, ALWAYS send a new text for each sentence. Save my phone from going *ping ping ping* please. Is this the new equivalent to the Facebook nudge? 

20. The hype over avocado. I mean it's nice but then again I will literally eat anything - surely there is tastier grub out there?

21. To not do my own eyebrows. It always ends in disaster.

22. To not put the models on pedestals. They are just human beings.

23. To stop thinking I'm not good enough.

24. How to blog properly. WTF is SEO?

What lesson have you yet to learn? 


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