Style Diary #2

Hello! So last week was fun, it was my birthday at the weekend and the weather was stunning for a change as I swear usually every birthday outfit gets ruined by tights and a coat. Sorry again for not blogging much (if anyone cares haha) but I think whilst I was ill one of the few things I could do was blog and now I'm better I don't really feel inclined to sit at a laptop that much any more when I could be out being busy! But I think these weekly posts will be a nice way to updata ya's and do fashun posts too. It's a bit of a long 'un though just to warn you!


Jacket All Saints Skirt Primark (alternative hereShoes Adidas Socks ASOS

So Monday was fab, I went to meet Holly in Clapham for a brunch that lasted for 5 hours! Holly also has CF and received a double lung transplant two years ago, if you didn't know people with CF can't mix due to cross infection unless they have both had transplant. After years of chatting it was fantastic to finally meet! It's all thanks to both our donors that it was possible, another reason to be grateful and thankful. Afterwards I went all over Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road and Carnaby Street in search of a birthday outfit but all I got were socks in Uniqlo. I used to work there and they've done it up, it's so swish looking now and I'm jealous.


Jacket All Saints Jumper Uniqlo Jeans Marks & Spencer Socks Uniqlo Shoes Adidas

You may be able to tell that I have a thing for socks lately, I love how geeky they are and they stop me feeling too girly in dresses and skirts! Uniqlo do the best ones right now and this stripy pair are my current faves. 


Jacket All Saints Top Marks & Spencer Jeans Warehouse Socks ASOS Shoes Adidas

Skirt Primark

This little top is so good, it's the exact shade of red that I was after! I think red can be hard to get right, I feel like a lot of materials look cheap but this is perfect. I severely misjudged the weather this day so got changed into my new skirt from Primark but then Baby Florrie made me get in the soft play thing with her so I ended up flashing all the children trying to squeeze through the tunnels :( I won't lie to you though I had a bloody good time, even when all the kids made me play a giant game of hide n seek with them (kids cheat so much!)


Cardigan Marks & Spencer Top Uniqlo Skirt Primark Pin Sighh Shoes Converse

I was sick as a dawg this day so didn't do much but enjoy the sun and take the doggo out. Ooh although actually I did take my feeding tube thing out which was kind of a biggie as I've had it for 20-odd years and hated the bloody thing (as much as it helped me out!) Post transplant my body just didn't want it any more due to the new meds I need to take so I decided it was time to go. I may get in trouble for doing that but I'm too happy it's gone to care haha.


Shirt Mango (old) Skirt Primark Shoes Adidas Socks ASOS

On Friday I had to go to Covent Garden and then afterwards went for a long walk around some of the sites as it was so purdy out. I went to The National Gallery because I can never fit it all in in one visit as there's SO much to see. This time I went and saw me some Jan van Eyck so I could see The Arnolfini Portrait for myself. Place was packed because of the school holidays and I felt a bit sorry for the kids as I'm sure there'd have rather have gone to soft play.


Cardigan Marks & Spencer Belt ASOS (find similar on Depop or eBay!) Skirt Next via Depop (check out my stuff at 'sickchickchic') Socks ASOS (alternative hereShoes Converse Sunglasses Ray-Ban Bag Marks & Spencer

My burfdaaaay! 24 man. Exciting though! To think this time last year I was in hospital on the optiflow almost 24/7 waiting for new lungs. Isn't it crazy how much can change in a year? Feeling super thankful to my donor and their family because if it weren't for their bravery and generosity I wouldn't have made it to 24. On a more superficial note the bag was a gift from my mama and it's the perfect size and colour (can you tell I have a thing for red right now?) The skirt was another great Depop find, I swear I'm addicted to that! I had a fabulous b-day, we did a drinking game where we had to have a drink for every unoriginal boy that messaged on Tinder something about birthday sex hahaha safe to say it got a bit messy and then we went to this horrid club. I was maybe not my best self but I had the best time. 


Dress Topshop Shoes Adidas Sunnies Ray-Ban Bag Marks & Spencer

I've been waiting to not have to wear this dress with tights. It'd probably have looked better with little sandals but I walk everywhere and can't seem to take these trainers off lately. 

So that's all for now! I hope you had a good week and I'd like to know if you don't mind this style of post or if it's all too much info at once haha. 


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