Style Diary #3

Another week of crappy mirror pics for your pleasure. Enjoy!


I tied up this blouse all wrong. I also got told off for getting shoes on someones pillow, I actually despair. 


Cardi M&S Top Uniqlo (alternative hereJeans GAP (alternative hereShoes Converse Bag M&S

I went to the GP and he is fookin' strange, all I heard from the waiting area is 'Jacqueline? JACQUELINE?' Calling me apparently.


Jumper Uniqlo Skirt H&M (alternative hereFishnets ASOS Shoes Adidas

Freddy sabotaged a picnic in the park and in my haste to get him away from the situation I ripped both my tights and my coat. That dog owes me.


Jacket All Saints Blouse Topshop (cream available hereJeans Warehouse Bag M&S Shoes Converse

I went shopppppping. Spent most of my birthday money that I planned to save for uni but whatcha gonna do? Got some goodies, I shall show you some of them in the following outfits.


Blouse Topshop Jeans Levi's Boots ALDO Bag M&S

I went to Millwall and they won 3-0 which is good and then I went out and got really drunk. Had a blast though, saw people I've not seen in years. These are new jeans,they're the orange tab ones and my first pair of Levi's and I highly recommend - they make your butt look amaze. 


Unsurprisingly I didn't feel too fresh. I had to go to the funfair and the combo of spinny things + screaming children = hangover hell. The jacket was also a new buy on Thursday and I loves it. Look at me, hipster beg with my badges and backpack. 


Jacket All Saints Top Topshop (see here) Skirt Primark (alternative hereBag Fjallraven Kanken Socks New Look Shoes Adidas

I spent all day eating the Easter eggs my family bought me. Yet again, I forgot to buy any for anyone else. My mum wanted us all to get together to play board games which we never do and it made me well suspicious, I was half expecting her to break the news to me that someone was dying. I also learned on Sunday that after surgery for my lung transplant I had to go back into theatre straightaway because I had a bleed which I did not know, which is why they kept my chest open for three days after surgery. It's been 9 months now(!) and I'm still learning things about that time.

I hope you had a good week, especially over the long weekend!


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