Style Diary #4

You'd think that doing these posts would shame me into tidying my room but nah. I have two wardrobes yet still I chuck everything on my bed. You can tell that this week's outfit choices were inspired by whatever was on top of my pile of clothes and also I love that I was fairly glam all week until I gave up on life at the weekend.


Jacket Topshop (alternative hereTop Kate Moss x Topshop via Depop Jeans Levi's Shoes Converse Bag M&S

No I don't know why I'm poking my face like that either. This is the first time I've worn this top, I love it but the buttons come undone easily and also I have to pin it because it's quite low cut. Mossy designed this, she must know what it's like to have nothing to show off in tops like that so why she do this for?


Jacket Topshop Top M&S Skirt Next via depop Shoes Converse Bag M&S

I severely underestimated the British weather. Everywhere I went people muttered as I walked by 'Corrr she must be freezing!' They were not wrong. 


Jacket Topshop (alternative here) Tee Levi's Jeans J Brand  Shoes Office

Very much liking red right now. I got this tee the other week whilst out shopping with mama, I'd usually avoid such obvious logos but I'm a sucka for instagram trends and you know it. 


Denim Jacket Topshop Dress Topshop Trainers Adidas Leather Jacket All Saints Heeled Shoes Mango

If I were to have an outfit of the week this would be it. My new favourite dress from day to night. I met Tor in the day time (yayayayay) and met someone else in the evening and I was over an hour late (lolololol)


Top Topshop Jeans Levi's Shoes Mango

These shoes are bae (bleurgh, sorry.) They're seriously comfy though. I went out for lunch and shopping with my aunt on this day, I can't believe I forgot to include that in my latest Happy List yet remembered to put wine. 


Jacket Topshop (alternative hereTop M&S Jeans Levi's Shoes Adidas

The beginning of the end. OK, I'm being a little melodramatic but I did feels ill. I have this little M&S top in three colours now and I deffo recommend - they're warm and comfy and the colours are v cute. 


Jacket Topshop (alternative hereSweatshirt Next Jeans Levi's Shoes Adidas

I managed to arise at the golden hour (PM, obvs) to walk the dog and soldiered through my illness to walk the doggo. I shall stop this now, sorry guys. I also watched the classico and enjoyed it immensely. 

There you goooo. Hope you don't mind the serial outfit repeating going on here but I like to get my money's worth out of stuff haha. What's your fave look here? 


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