The Happy List #20

It's been a little while since I did a Happy List so I thought I'd resurrect them on a Sunday! I feel like I've been out loads lately, it's been fun making up for lost time but maybe I need to slow down a little and find some balance because I feel a little bit rundown, plus I'm poor af right now hahaha. But I just get bored so easily so need a focus until I start uni so why not try and blog a bit more! I always feel a bit weird in the summer so it'll be kinda nice to have something to concentrate on. The thing is as well I've not been blogging much because I've been feeling so disconnected from it all and I just find the whole thing to be so weird sometimes. I'm happy doing my own thing but every now and then I feel a bit unsure of my place in this blogging world and I don't like this uneasy feeling, then again it's how I feel most of the time every where else anyway. But for now I'm happy just feeling like 'whatever' about it all and I'll just do me - it's all you can try and do innit?

1. Easter. I had the funnest Easter and that was even before I got any chocolate (which is when the real fun began.) I ate my egg in a Lush bath with The XX playing and I was so blimmin' happy.

2. Shopping with mama. Something exciting and dangerous has happened - a Topshop has opened in my local shopping place. It's just a concession but it's big enough for me to be able to always find something which is exactly what happened on Monday when me and my mum went 'just to check it out.' But with 10% off it would be rude not to, surely?

3. Caesar salad pizza. Sounds wrong but it was oh so right. Plus I got to kid myself I was being healthy as it had 'salad' on it.

'Frank the Otter' Kim's artwork at Harefield - a fellow CF transplant recipient! Check out more of her amazing work here.

4. New books. I buy them all the time but only from charity shops so it feels like a good deed and therefore a habit I do not need to give up (no matter how high the pile gets...)

5. Diabetes eye screening. As I have cystic fibrosis related diabetes (whatta mouthful) every year I have to have my eyes checked out. Usually it's at a local opticians and the bloke that does it is such a wally but luckily I got to go to the swish new medical place down the road where the man is actually normal. The good news is all is fine! 

6. Harefield. I had a check up at Harefield on Wednesday, my aunt came along so it was nice to spend the day with her even if it wasn't the funnest setting. I actually bumped into my surgeon, he didn't recognise me at all but when I said my name he clocked and was like 'Ah yes! ECMO girl? Wow! You're so much slimmer than before!' which I was thrilled about but to be fair I was massive post-surgery thanks to fluid retention. He's such a cool guy, so laidback and blase about what he does! So weird to see him walking about and thinking how crazy it is that he played a massive part in saving my life. He's just like 'Ahh it was your donor and also if it wasn't me that did it someone else would have done the surgery!' True, but they didn't - it was him and I'm very, very grateful for the amazing job he did. I remember he was super happy after the surgery as they said they'd have given me any lungs they could to give me just a chance of survival but the ones I happened to get were my very perfect match. I am so, so lucky. Anyway all was well at Harefield and I don't have to go back until the end of June which is brill!

7. Rosé. It just makes me happpppy. Until the next day, but I never think about that at the time. 

A good egg

8. Meeting with Tor. Tor is another transplant recipient from Harefield who also has CF, we've been chatting for a good while so it was fab to actually meet! She is so lovely and supportive, from transplant stuff to my shopping habits (she is the biggest enabler though haha!) We went to Covent Garden for a mooch around the shops and for dinner at Joe's Southern Table - I had a sweet potato and marshmallow casserole and it was marvelous! Already looking forward to meeting up again.

9. Time alone. Now my transplant is done and dusted it leaves my mama and stepdad with more time to do their own thing so they've been booking lots of holidays which I'm very happy about! I'm pleased they can go and live their lives now, plus the introvert in me gets to spend some time alone which is always kind of refreshing. I had big plans to get a load of shit done but I'm not that well so instead this weekend has been spent watching The Sopranos but that's ok with me!

10. Shakespeare. Today marks the anniversary of the bard's death and also possibly his birthday too. I love his wit, it's still funny hundreds of years later and we have so much to thank him for over his contribution to the English language. I'm currently reading A Midsummer's Night Dream and I think it has some of the best and prettiest quotes.

What's your favourite bit of Shakespeare? Happy St George's Day, also! 


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