The Happy List #21

I had SO many plans this week but then illness came and ruined most of them. I can't complain as obviously it's nothing at all compared to how ill I used to get but I've just basically been crashed out whenever I've been indoors haha. So I was feeling kind of sorry for myself so ordered me two pizzas but Pizza Hut trolled me by not including any pineapple :(

1) Blossom. Or rather the last of it. Really sad to admit but it's pretty to walk through haha.

2) Brunch. Continuing our weekly tradition of a girl's brunch me, my friend and her little girl met up for a massive plate of food and also big ice cream sundaes. Best idea we've ever had.

3) Naps. I used to be the NAP QUEEN but rarely do these days. Everyone was like 'No parties when you're home alone hahaha' but all I could think of was 'YES unlimited, uninterrupted naps!'

4) The Big Tidy Up. That I have yet to complete, but I've started which is good enough. Tell me how does one acquire so much stuff in such a short life? But please buy my shit on depop haha ('sickchickchic' of course!)

5) Shopping. Oops, wasn't supposed to do that. But I got something yellow which I never thought would happen.

6) Not getting lost. I know it's the little things but I get lost on my own street so the fact I managed a 40 minute walk home without needing directions or any help is an achievement of sorts.

7) McFlurries. I rarely eat at McDonalds any more but Creme Egg McFlurries are the one.

8) Blink 182 tickets. For the nostalgia! I shall be missing Tom DeLonge but still can't wait.

9) Night out with Marie. I've known Marie since we were tots, she has CF too and has also had transplant (read her amazing story here!) I know the word 'inspiration' gets chucked around a lot but she really is someone I so look up to, she's just so bubbly and positive and lovely! So we went out on Friday to celebrate her birthday and got ridiculously drunk.

10) Return of mama and stepdad. I was lying in bed Saturday morning dying and I heard them, I didn't even know they had got back so I was like 🌝 thinking they'd come to save me but all I got was 'OMG were you sick in the bath?' 😔

How was your week? I hope you're having a fun bank holiday, I'm seeing Ed Sheeran tomorroooow!!


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