Style Diary #6

Hiyaaaaaa! Someone said to me I was vain for doing these and I guess blogging is a bit vain in lots of ways but in many others it's not because it's a community. I don't do this because I love myself and think I'm amazing but rather because I like to share things and also these are just silly outfit snaps - it's not that deep. Not everyone will get it and that's fine but what happened to 'you do you' etc etc. As well I don't think I'd even know what to wear in the morning where it not for other blogs and instagram haha.


Jacket All Saints Jeans J Brand Shoes Converse Bag Mulberry

Monday is a mystery to me, I as always cannot remember what I did. But this outfit is my favourite kind of outfit.

Jacket H&M  Jeans Levi's Shoes Mango Bag Mulberry

Feel like I'm in a John Hughes movie in this jacket and that is absolutely fine with me. Definitely don't wear it enough though! I wore this for shopping and Nando's and if that is not a great day out then ya'll don't know how to live.

Cardi M&S Jeans Levi's Shoes Mango Bag Mulberry

Don't worry I changed my tee from the day before. I have a confession - the day before I accidentally stole a Lucozade and couldn't sleep for like three nights because of it hahaha.

Top H&M Jeans ASOS Shoes Converse Bag M&S

Never ever thought I'd wear yellow but here we are. I like it as a pastel though and H&M has loads of it right now. Kind of obsessed with these kind of ribbed knit tops, they're perfect for this time of year as they're warm but not too wintery. Saying that I was still bloody freezing when I went to Millwall on this day.

Top Primark Jeans J Brand Bag Mulberry Shoes Mango

Oh my god the quality of this hahaha. Reverting back to 2013 but I forgot to charge the camera in my defence. Anyway I wore this for a family meal out and I'm not usually a fan of peplum things but this top is prettttty, it has little bows at the back. 

Jacket All Saints Top Primark Jeans Gap Shoes Converse Bag Mulberry

I think I went shopping on Saturday but who knows, I can't remember. All I know is I was tired and a lil hungover.

Jacket All Saints Tee Topshop Skirt Primark Bag Mulberry Shoes Converse

Sunday was fuuuun because my grandparents came over from Ireland plus it was my cousin's birthday so we had cake (do you like the improvisation?) Yep I was cold but does anyone else feel like if they've made the effort to fake tan then they shouldn't hide it? The top is new, I know it's similar to *that* Gucci one but I prefer this anyway.  It cute!

Did you have a good week? I really hope you did! What did you do?


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