Style Diary #7

Hi! Did you have a good week? I literally had no idea what to wear because of this bloody weather, I just want it to be summer right now please. Sorry for the mega blurry pics, I just take them quickly as I'm going out the door as I want them to be 'real' and show what I was actually wearing!

Top H&M Jeans GAP Shoes Mango Bag Mulberry

Dinner and drinks with a friend - these old ladies next to us were judging us a lot for ordering a starter for two each but we no care. The top is new, it was like a fiver so I got the white one as well. Definitely not the kind of thing you should be eating loads in though, I swear I couldn't flippin' breathe.

Top Topshop via Depop Jeans GAP Bag Mulberry Shoes Mango

I nearly bought this top the other day then found it for brand new on Depop, I feel sooo smug. On Tuesday I went for lunch at the place where we were having my nan's birthday do so she could go and check it out. 

Jacket All Saints Skirt Primark Socks New Look Shoes Adidas 

On Wednesday I went out for drinks I think(?)
Jacket All Saints Jeans J Brand Shoes Office Bag Mulberry

Jacket All Saints Jumper Uniqlo Dress American Eagle Shoes Converse

In the day time I fell over outside the home office in front of a queue of about 100 people and in the night time after drinks I got on the wrong train home and ended up far, far away. How was your Thursday?

Jacket All Saints Top Brandy Melville via Depop Jeans GAP Socks H&M Shoes Converse

I went to Covent Garden and was super good and didn't buy anything. The top is yet another depop find though, I need to get off that thing.

Dress Primark Bag Mulberry Shoes Mango

This dress was such a find! It's supposed to be a midi but I look so stupid in them so had to roll it up a bit but still. Saturday was a big family party for my nan who was 80 last week. She was so spoilt and happy <3

Top Zara Skirt Primark Bag Mulberry Shoes GAP

The top was a gift from my mama! Sunday brunch with Catherine at King's Cross then we went to Covent Garden where I bought all the things I didn't buy on Friday, oops. After that I popped into the National Gallery to see the Michelangelo & Sebastiano  exhibition seeing as it closes soon but I'm not sure it was worth it as there wasn't really much to see. On the other hand the little there was was a privilege to look at in real life, we're lucky it still exists I guess. 

How was your week? Do let me know what you got up to!


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