Style Diary #9

So I don't have too much to show you, my camera deleted a load of stuff for some reason! Plus the wifi in my house has been a lil bitch lately, basically technology has not been my friend this week. But it doesn't matter really because I've been spending as much time in the sun as possible (with that Factor 50 #transplantlife)  and I hope you've been able to make the most of it too! Today I'm going to schedule some posts though so hopefully things will be a bit more regular around here now.


Top Debenhams Belt ASOS Skirt Primark Shoes Topshop Bag Mulberry Earrings Mango Necklace (that I wear every day) Oh My Clumsy Heart

What I need to do is stop buying these little ribbed tops but I can't get enough! This one is so handy too, I bought it twice because I've been living in it. Tuesday was actually really nice, I spent it with my grandparents at this big garden centre and I bought a load of crap I really didn't need.


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Depop Bag Mulberry Shoes GAP (alternative here) Earrings ?

This dress came out when I was about 15 and I was gutted to have missed it (I definitely couldn't afford to be dropping £60 on anything never mind a dress) so when I found it recently on good ol' Depop for £14 I was so hyped.  I love how subtle the stars are because it means the print won't date as quickly as others might and the shape is perfect plus it has pockets. I know, right?? 


Top H&M  Dress Pull & Bear Shoes Topshop Earrings Mango

I'm telling you I don't know how I survived summer before this dress. As someone who lives in jeans I struggled a little with dressing for warmer weather but this is just perf! Plus again, it has these giant pockets and we all know a dress is made approx 10x better when it has pockets.


Dress ASOS Shoes Mango Earrings Mango

I stalked this dress every day for a week waiting for an 8 or 10 to come back in stock and I nabbed the last one - perseverance pays off my friends. It just about does up but it's worth not being able to breathe comfortably haha. I thought it was slightly Reformation-esque and I'm obsessed with that brand this summer. This was taken after an allergic reaction to gin which was fun but other than that I actually had the best night. A stranger gave me his sliders after I was walking around with no shoes, how bloody kind - and people say that Londoners are rude! 

If you guys like this stuff by the way I'm forever selling my wardrobe on Depop! Search sickchickchic :) Hope everyone is having a fab week!


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