Diamonds Are Not Forever

Oh look, an all black outfit for a change...lololol. Not exactly a summer outfit but then summer hasn't really been playing ball has it? We were really lucky in spring with the sunshine so shouldn't complain really but still. Ok I'll stop being so British now and shut up about the weather! 

Tee ASOS Jeans J Brand Shoes Adidas Bag Kate Spade

RIP to this little necklace, I loved thee well til I destroyed it by snapping it in half as it got caught in my jacket. It was from Oh My Clumsy Heart and I loved it so much I literally never took it off, which is how I killed it I think. I'm not known for looking after jewellery well, one of my big fears should someone ever be strange enough to marry me is getting an engagement ring as I know I'll lose it in about 5 seconds within it being on my finger. Future spouse, maybe just buy me a designer bag instead. Or a puppy, this couple are #goals. 

What would you choose instead of a diamond?


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