The Happy List #23

You guysssss! How are you? I'm starting to miss this little space on the internet of mine (maybe a break was all we needed after six years?) so I felt like having a natter with you today. It would help if I had a different blog name as it's fair to say that over the past year I've outgrown this one - next week is my one year anniversary since I got my new lungs, eeep! But yeah, I've been struggling for a couple of months to think of something new so hopefully some inspiration will hit me at some point. Anyway this week has been excellent so here's a little update on stuff that's been going on.

1. British Summer Time at Hyde Park. This week I saw a lot of my teenage heroes and honestly my thirteen year old self would have been freaking out (ok, my 24 year old self was freaking out also...) But oh my goodness. First of all I saw Rancid and then Green Day, who I've been obsessed with since I was about 10 so it was incredible to see them live after all this time plus I got to go with one of my best and oldest friends who is just hilarious. There was a mosh to our left, a mosh to our right and then one started behind us so they merged into one and we got v caught up in it but it was fun despite the bruises and loss of Ray Bans. Then I went with my mama and friend Amanda to see Kings of Leon, which was the best night ever because they're my faves and I fancy Caleb Followill even more than Tom Hardy (so you know this is a Big Deal!) Pixies supported who are a band I just didn't think I'd get the opportunity to ever see so that was super special. Still not over it to be honest!

2. Hampton Court. This week, after literal years of talking on Twitter, I met Helen and we went to the flower show. Yes, she looks just as amazing in person (I felt a right scruff!) and she's super lovely too, I know most people read her blog already but if not do check it out. I also popped into the palace for a flying visit but I have a post on that coming soon!

3. Freddy's new hair. My doggo got his hair done and you may be thinking 'So what, who bloody cares?' but IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! Lovelovelove.

4. Something To Tell You. Oh Haim, you kept us waiting a long flippin' time but it was worth the wait. Their music brings me pure joy despite it being somewhat melancholy but I've been listening non stop. Also, I need to know who is styling them because they're looking banging.

5. Park life. Summer nights drinking beers and wine with fabby company is definitely a massive difference to how I spent my time last year! I don't even mind the hangovers.

6. BBQ. Had a little get together yesterday to kind of celebrate being almost a year post transplant which was super lovely! I thought I'd struggle at BBQ's as I've been veggie for about two months now but it's been no bother at all. And actually going veggie hasn't been difficult, literally the only thing I kind of miss are marshmallows and McNuggets when I'm drunk (not together I hasten to add...)

7. Happy Birthday to our wonderful NHS! This week the National Health Service turned 69. 69!! That's a bloody long time that it's been looking after us all, from the beginning to the end of life and it's time we looked after it back. Obviously I have very personal reasons to be grateful to the system and the amazing staff as they've been looking after me since I was born but each and every one of us in the UK have all used it at some point. We're so lucky to have it and it frightens and angers me what's happening to it currently and it's important that we protect it as best we can from Jeremey C*nt and the rest of those lizards.

8. A BIG tidy up. Seeing as I'm moving in September (eek!) I decided to have a massive clear out. There's still a little bit more to do but it's mainly finished and thank god because it was a mission! I've chucked a tonne of stuff on depop (sickchickchic) and 10% of the sale price will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 

That's it for today! Have you been up to anything fun? 


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