Weekend Reading List #8

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post sharing the love on here - whether that's other blog posts by some absolute babes, instagram accounts I've been loving or just random links from t'internet. So here's a list of links I think you'll love just as much as me!

I owned guinea pigs as a kid and 10 year old me would have been all over this account...in fact 24 year old me is too. Also, yay to Ioanna returning to blogging! 

Dunkirk is one of the best films I've ever seen despite it leaving me an emotional wreck and this review on The Twins Wardrobe sums up all the feels.

I am obsessed with Violette's beauty channel! Her videos are short and snappy and full of Parisian charm, every look is so wearable and almost effortless. Perfect if, like me, you're a bit of a French beg.

Hands up who else wants to live in Catherine's house? I love seeing snippets of her beautiful home and her new desk space is just dreamy (there's no way I'd be able to keep it that neat though haha I'd have it covered in rubbish in no time!)

I accidentally stumbled across @accidentallywesanderson and OH WOW. I can't believe these places actually exist! Perfect for fans of Wes, fans of interiors/exteriors or just fans of beautiful photos.

I love Leah's blog for her humour and honesty and her latest post I really wanted blogging to be my full time job but it hasn't worked out is no exception. I'm sure many of us can relate!

Katy just really loves her new jacket and so do I - what an absolute beaut. I'm so loving Katy's new appreciation for Green Day too, they're one of my all time favourite bands so the more Billie Joe's face pops up on the insta the better! Any more Green Day fans in the house?

I mentioned that I went to Tonight, Josephine with some pals recently and just thought I'd send you in the direction of their super fun insta account! It's probably the most instagrammed bar in London right now so you've probably seen it already haha but if not do go check it out as it's just so fab and happy!

Chloe is one of my favourite bloggers as she's always so honest and YES to her chatting more about contraception and sexual health on her blog. The Contraception Crisis is a really interesting read, we know we're luckier than most women in the world when it comes to access to contraception but this doesn't mean that the system is perfect.

Amy's post on why being quiet isn't a bad thing really struck a chord with me. As a kid up until university I was so shy and still can be sometimes. I'm not as quiet now and will chat to anyone but I'm still very introverted and I'll never be the loudest person in the room, which is absolutely fine. I'm also reading Quiet by Susan Cain and it's a fab read for fellow introverts!

Have you read anything interesting this week? I'd love some links, especially some new blog reads! 

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