The Happy List #26

Ok so first of all I just want to say a big thank you for your lovely comments on my last post...I was super nervous about posting it but in real life I think I just blurt things out (I wish I didn't) so I suppose it's no different on here! But if it helped anyone going through the same thing, then good. I thought I'd write a Happy List to prove to you I'm not really a miserable bastard even though I am a bit because I should be in Spain right now but decided last minute not to go because I was just feeling really off. After a year of excellent health my body is back on its bullshit but then again, I've had a year of excellent health. Not since I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis aged 2 have I had an entire year off antibiotics either IVs or tablets and that's something to celebrate and be thankful for. Over the past few weeks Harefield did all the tests but discharged me as an official medical mystery. I had a sense of deja vu because of all the weird symptoms so read an old post because I write about all the *exciting* things that happen to me and now I feel like House himself because I may have solved the mystery that none of the doctors could solve after two weeks of every single test, even my discharge letter said 'inconclusive'. I'm half proud but also half scared because I don't want to wake up one morning with a giant ankle, especially as we're coming up to boot season. Plus I kinda don't wanna be allergic to any of the drugs I'm on as they're rather important so I'm hoping I'm just jumping to conclusions. I shall phone the doctors on Monday!  But anyway, onto the Happy List!

The 'pub' in my brother's garden named after the one and only Baby Florrie

1. I got discharged on Tuesday and man was it nice to be back in my own bed. I did get to go home for the bank holiday and it felt a bit pointless going back Monday night to be let free Tuesday morning but oh well, I'm back home!

2. My cousin had a lovely baby boy, I went round for a cuddle and he was just so warm and teeny. I can't wait to go shopping for him!

3. My grandparents are over from Ireland because of said new baby (he is their third great-grandchild which I think must be so nice for them!) So even though I couldn't go on holiday at least I can spend time with them as they're staying at our house.

4. I got Lightroom and although it's been a challenge I think I've worked it out a little. It still hurts my brain though so if anyone has any tips please help a gal out!

5. I popped into the Dog's Trust at Harefield and oh my heart. Sadly most of them are unable to live with other dogs and I don't think Freddydog would allow it anyway as he only seems to like male puppies which is a little creepy to be honest. One good thing is that the place was packed with people looking, I really hope this pupper gets a home soon as she's been there for almost 300 days </3

6. I got to go to a really posh private hospital for one of my scans - it was a PET/CT to check for 'active lymph nodes' as I have nodes on my lungs and they need to check they're not cancerous as after transplant you're at a higher risk of getting cancer. The results showed they're all low risk apart from one that's a little weird so I just need to have regular scan on that. But anyway the hospital was super nice (look at the waiting room!) and the scan was fine, they just pop a cannula in your arm and put a dye through it then scan you through a tunnel thing which was so chill I actually fell asleep. The only bad thing about it was the woman kept referring to my jeans as 'jeggings' and I was so offended because they were J Brand's and also I never have and never will wear them, they just shouldn't exist.

7. My brother bought me a Slytherin pillow because Pottermore put me in that house (what a par) and it was such a nice gesture considering we exchange about 10 words between us on average a month even though we live in the same house hahaha.

8. I've been watching Vikings and I'm hooked. I only started watching because the museum where I volunteer at has some looks by Anna Sui that are inspired by the show but the actual series is just as good as the costumes! Have you seen it?

9. My brother had a BBQ at the bank holiday which was lovely because most of my family were there. He even made me special veggie kebabs! I mainly ate my bodyweight in halloumi and Eton Mess (not together may I add.)

10. September always feels like more of a fresh start than New Year to me, probably stems back to school days. It's not long at all now until I start uni and I'm also feeling more inspired to blog again than I did over the summer so hopefully I'll be blogging more regularly. I should do, I think it keeps me a little bit sane.

I feel like this has been a very wordy post but Sunday's are for eating loads and reading blogs right? I hope you're good!

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