Can Corduroy Be Cool?

I think so. Maybe I'm a victim of the instagram effect or maybe I like the nostalgia of them - they bring me back to my childhood when my wardrobe was full of cords of every colour, but right now I'm craving a pair of pink corduroy trousers. Yes, really. To be fair this isn't the first time Isabel Marant has got me coveting an unlikely trend (wedge trainers anyone?) but she can add that certain je ne sais quoi to just about anything plus you know that pink is kind of my thing. I don't really buy into trends that much now but I think they'll be a really fun addition to my autumn wardrobe! Not convinced? Then be inspired:

I rest my case. They're not something that the high street has gone wild for yet, Mango did a fabulous high waisted pair that's unfortunately sold out now but I found these on Zalando which are pricey but a good dupe for the IM Reo's (as seen on Lucy Williams) and there's a super affordable and wearable pair from Monki available here. However I've copied Liv of What Olivia Did  with these bargainous wide leg cords from Zara. They're on order, so here's hoping they don't look totally ridiculous on me when they arrive!  

If they don't make me look like a clown I'm planning on wearing them with ankle boots, my tan Mango shoes, chunky knits and I'd like to get something a lil' silky as I think it'll make for a grown up, slightly sexier contrast compared to the sweatshirts and trainers of my yoof (although let's face it I'll still be wearing those too!) I want a dark pink shade as a nice alternative to burgundy this autumn and also I just know I can't be trusted with anything paler. I've only really bought jeans with me to uni so they'll stop me getting stuck in a rut! I'm obsessed with Jeanne Damas in her cords so I'm hoping that mine will give off those cool, French girl vibes rather than children's tv presenter chic. I shall keep you updated I'm sure! 

What do you think of this trend? How would you wear it?


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