Uni: Week 4

This week has been about trying to get back into the swing of things after last week's little blip, hence the radio silence heree. I settled back into my uni house quicker than I thought I would after a week of home comforts but I'm really missing a decent kitchen/living area and a bath! Student houses are not the one.

On Monday I took a walk through the Laines down to the seafront just to check out that weird sky and I wasn't disappointed, I loved how eerie it was. This week I also went to a Brighton Girl meet up which is ran by Pippa for some drinks which was nice and I may pop along to one today but probably not as I'm a bit snowed under with uni work! And I met lovely Rosy for a burger and to see Nick Helm at Komedia, I saw him maybe 3/4 years ago at Up The Creek in Greenwich and he was just as funny now - he may be a bit much for some but if you're not easily offended then check him out! Offstage he's a really nice bloke, he is completely different haha.

Uni wise the first year isn't based solely on fashion, it's more of a general study of the history of art and objects and museum collections in the 18th and 19th Century which I don't know much about at all so it's been really great learning about something that I've not looked into much before. We had a lecture on Victorian Brighton Through Photographs and it was cool to see how much it's changed but at the same time has long-been a popular seaside to visit and also notorious as a place of 'loose morality'! Something that people tried to combat, hence why there are so many churches in Brighton - I really want to go and see St Bartholomew's as the dimensions are supposed to be the same as Noah's Ark. There was also a lecture on The Grand Tour which was the start of tourism as we know it today, I'm feeling extra lucky that travel is so accessible to most of us in the UK now and also that our journeys on our jollies are far less treacherous (yep, even via Ryanair!) But of course there was a bit of fashion to be studied too, I wrote a short piece on this Zandra Rhodes evening dress from the 70s that's on display at Brighton Museum. Won't bore you with my ramblings (that are probably all wrong anyway) but here's a pic so you can admire it or recoil in disgust, up to you. I quite like it because those sleeves are highly impressive but I do really, really like Zandra Rhodes because no Zandra = no Fashion and Textile Museum.

I also met with the Student Support Service lady and she was lovely, she knew a little about transplant and CF which was handy because it's so complicated the less explaining you have to do the better. Once I've had a meeting with the disability team next week something called a Learning Support Strategy will be put into place, meaning there'll be a proper plan and system to let tutors know if I have to miss classes and for me to catch up, get deadline extensions etc. I know some people don't consider themselves to have a disability if they have CF and/or transplant but it's a good idea to talk to the team if you have any kind of problems that may affect your studies as it's much easier in the long run!

Did you see that weird sky? What are your opinions on the dress?


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