Uni: Week 5

This week has been all werkwerkwerk. Kinda forgot about all the essays and presentations I'd have to be doing when I got here hahaha. I have Reading Week soon so I have a week to get as much stuff done as possible because I really don't fancy spending my week at home working because time spent with family and friends and Freddydog is something I'm definitely not going to compromise on! Alas I have decided to get ill again this weekend, which is just brill.

I had fun Halloween weekend plans but they've had to be cancelled and I'm currently drowning my sorrows in a takeaway from Leon so I guess it's not too bad (I'm typing this on Saturday night not Sunday morn so no judgement pls!) Just not appreciating this raging temp and having to make an 8am run to Boots yesterday for Operation Get Better. I'm trying not to stress about the work because if you're ill, you're ill - what can ya do? But I've got two presentations to do on Tuesday (can you believe the nerve of this uni?!) and have a lot to do.

But I did have my meeting with the disability team to sort out what to do when stuff like this happens, the lady was actually very helpful - much more so than the uni I used to go to. So there'll be a proper system where I won't get penalised for late work etc and she also encouraged me to apply for Disabled Student Allowance. I was confused by this as I don't get PIP or anything like that and to be honest I'm not sure I would class myself as having a disability these days but chronic conditions, such as CF, do fall under that category as well as complications post transplant such as diabetes. We had a good old chat and when I was saying stuff aloud I kind of realised that perhaps post transplant stuff does affect me more than I let on, both to myself and other people. I'm thinking it may be time to email my transplant hospital and see if I can talk to someone because although anxiety and sadness is a common thing, especially after transplant, it doesn't mean you have to deal with it on your own. It's perfectly fine to ask for a little help for coping strategies.

So I left her office like, realising stuff and also with a slight complex because when I was writing she said 'Ooh I can see how much of a struggle it is for you to hold that pen!' I do have issues with my hands and clumsiness and shakiness because of the drugs I'm now on and I can't feel most of my right hand anymore because of nerve damage - but I'm left-handed and I know how to hold a bloody pen! Or so I thought haha. To be fair to her I really struggle using cutlery now so maybe she has a point. But still!

Anyway I shall go back to my wrap (it's the halloumi one and it's my current food obsession) - I hope you've had a good week, did you do anything for Halloween?

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