My First Glossier Haul

I say my first, as it certainly won't be my last. Like everyone else I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Glossier to UK shores after a year of heart-eye-emojiing over them on instagram. I know it's a brand that's super hyped right now but in my opinion it's all for good reason! I love the ethos behind them, not only are they not tested on animals (no product should be in this day and age) they're not forcing this super unrealistic ideal of beauty upon us with uber airbrushed images like so many brands unnecessarily do. The girls in the Glossier campaigns may be beautiful models but the looks aren't unattainable - I get the sense it's more about working with what you have rather than trying to completely alter your appearance, which really appeals to me. It's the 'imperfections' that make us unique and beautiful and human I think. So as you can tell I like how quick and no-fuss the products are too, I love playing around with makeup and colours when I have the time but more often than not I'm running late so anything that saves me time gets a thumbs up from me. I'm a big fan, but I was restrained with my first order and just got the Glossier Phase 2 Set.

The Stretch Concealer was the product I was least excited to try. I didn't think the shade would be right for my pale, ghosty face and also I don't get along with concealers like this - or so I thought! I think it's because I've been taking better care of my skin in general and keeping it hydrated, although this is quite creamy and dewy. I wouldn't say it's a full coverage concealer and I prefer this because I really hate anything too heavy on my skin I'm going through a phase of using fingers to apply all my make up and I just pat this on with my ring finger. It doesn't really look like you're wearing it and most importantly it doesn't feel like it either! It looks natural and non-cakey and I think it's a really good one for undereye dark circles as it just makes you look a little fresher. I hardly get a full night's sleep since I had transplant, only 4-5 hours most nights so this has been my little saviour in the morn! I don't get blemishes often but when I do they're like go hard or go home haha so I tend to leave them alone for the first couple of days as I find that they calm down a lot quicker then. When there's just a little redness left then I use this but I don't think it'd work that well for anything angrier! The packaging of this feels quite weighty and solid but I find both it and the actual product inside picks up dust and dirt very quickly and easily which is a pain. 

Out of everything I got, the Generation G lipstick is my favourite. I wasn't expecting much as I did, I'm ashamed to say, judge it by it's packaging. To me lipsticks are special, I like vintage styley, glamourous lipsticks and the white plastic didn't speak to me. Yeah it's cool I guess, but not exactly special. However the actual product is excellent! I went for Zip, which as you can see is a punchy red and it's the easiest red I've ever worn, it's the one I've been wearing the most lately. It takes literally no effort, it's as simple as swiping on a lip balm as it's more of a stain than a full on lipstick and is unlike anything I've tried before. The staying power is so impressive, I mean I literally don't stop eating all day and this even survived a plate of spaghetti and if that's not the ultimate endurance test I don't know what is. You can wear this all day and you don't even have to think about it! A casual way to do a red lip if you will, perfect if you're very low maintenance or like me you're always stuffing your face. It's super modern, so I guess the kind of packaging I like wouldn't suit it, but despite this I'm definitely going to order other shades in the future (I keep eyeing up Crush and Jam) because this worn with a strong brow is such a quick and easy look.

Talking of a strong brow, I also got Boy Brow and it's the product I've been asked about the most. I ordered Brown, usually I go for a black/brown shade but as Glossier don't do that I thought it'd be safer to go lighter rather than darker and ordering Black. It's a little brush but I love it as it's great for precision and getting your brows extremely on fleek lololol but if you're someone who fills in their brows a lot then maybe this isn't for you unless they're super fair as I don't think this gives a lot of colour. But mine are really dark so it's not so much a problem for me, I could probably even get away with Clear to be honest. What it's great at doing is keeping brows in place, it's definitely a lot stronger than other brow gels I've tried but it doesn't feel at all sticky. When I first applied it I was a little underwhelmed but when I saw before and after photos I noticed what a big difference it actually makes and now it's my total hero product. A good budget alternative is Brow Mascara from NYX which for me works almost as well just with a tiny bit less staying power as it's less waxy. 

Included in my order was a little sample of Glossier You, their new fragrance. I was looking forward to trying this as I struggle to find cruelty-free perfumes and while I wasn't impressed initially after a few wears it's grown on me. Like literally, because it seems to smell nicer as the day goes on which is the selling point as it's supposed to adapt to each individual wearer. But while it smells lovely I'm not sure it's a scent I necessarily want to smell like as it reminds me of shampoo! So I'll be giving this a miss and will carry on using Rosie for Autograph. They also put in a little sample of the Milky Jelly Cleanser which I really loved, it was almost like a balm-like texture and while it wouldn't be a great make up remover it would make a lovely second or morning cleanser. 

Annnnd here it is all on ma face:

*The concealer is a little pot of magic!*

Have you given in to the Glossier hype? I really want another Generation GHaloscope and the Priming Moisturizer. What about you? If you're ordering for the first time use the code on this post like I did for 20% off!


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