Uni Week 6: Relating To Royalty?

By the time you read this I will probably be at home! It's Reading Week and I've been so looking forward to it. I obviously am looking forward to seeing everyone again but I won't lie to you, I'm super psyched to see my Freddy-Boo-Dog again. He'll probably sulk and ignore me but I'll force him to be my friend. I can't wait and I know that secretly he'll be excited too even though he'll never admit it. 

So I miss my Freddy, I miss my family and I miss my friends. I miss a bath. I miss my local British Heart Foundation. I miss the cafe round the corner. But I love my uni and the course and my class. I love the quirky little shops but also the fact that there is a Zara just a 10 minute walk away, I don't have that at home. Less materialistically there is an actual beach (a pebble beach, but it definitely counts) I can get to in a 20 minute stroll. I love the history here, which I'm learning more about every day. I love Brighton and dare I say it, it's starting to feel like it could be home. After a few wobbles I'm feeling so settled and happy. But it'd be perf if I could find a way to get everyone I love to move here, I'm working on convincing them.

The sea air and the fact that I walk everywhere is doing my new lungs the world of good I think. My body is adjusting to this new routine, by the time Friday rolls around I'm knackered and ill with a temperature, which I think is it's way of telling me to slow the eff down so I have the most chill weekends ever then I'm fine by Sunday. So I missed a trip to the National Gallery and the British Museum on Friday but it doesn't matter as I've been so many times before and can go again in my own time easily. Plus I may have a slight grudge against the National Gallery as last time I went I paid nearly 20 quid for a really poor Michelangelo exhibition and I'm still feeling a bit mugged off to be honest haha.

I did go to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton on Monday and I thought it was spectacular! Probably too gaudy for a lot of people but whatever your taste in design it's certainly interesting. In fact I found it so fascinating I decided to choose the Banqueting Room and George IV and identity and interiors as my essay topic. He has a bad rep but the more I read about him the more I understand him, even if I don't always like him. I think he was mainly a product of his environment so it's interesting how he made an environment that is very much a product of him. He made himself a home somewhere new and I'm kind of relating to that right now haha. It's pretty much all I've been working on for the past two weeks but I'm geeky, I love it. I got some really positive feedback on my first assignment, I wasn't feeling super confident going back into education after five years but I'm starting to think that possibly, just maybe, I got this. Kinda. But anyway, the Pavilion is definitely a must if you find yourself in Brighton, unfortunately photography isn't allowed inside (a blogger's nightmare amirite?) but it's wonderful. There's also a Jane Austen exhibition on there at the moment, she was a sass queen so that's worth catching if you can!

Have you been to the Royal Pavilion? I've kind of stopped doing Happy Lists on here now but I've started posting mini ones daily on my Instagram if you like that kind of thing!


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